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The photos of Paris Hilton strolling with their dogs of breeds miniature stuffed in their expensive handbags became the trend of fashion, that other famous, like the fans of the socialite quickly imitated, instead of letting them walk, as it is more beneficial to the animal.

This practice and others have been denounced by organizations that protect animals who believe that when the made the famous are more harmful as they tend to be imitated by the people.

But Hilton has not been the only one that has faced the controversy of being accused of animal abuse, a few months ago, actress Anna Farris, partner of Chris Patt was fined 5 thousand dollars for an Animal Shelter, which adopted a dog chihuahua, which was later found on the street and very poor state.

The animal shelter placed a chip in the pet and make the people sign a contract that the penalty in case the animal is finished abandoned or in the hands of another owner, with what they are looking for the adoption of an animal is to be taken as something series and not as the acquisition of a toy.

Others have been accused of hitting animals, use them in shows or have given away because they are bored of them.

In the next gallery we will share with those who have earned any good reputation of animal abusers.

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