137.000 pets were abandoned in Spain in 2016 – Telegraph

It is not a leak but an oil stain that is painted of sadness during the summer months. More than 137,000 dogs and cats were abandoned last year in Spain and braking in dry in the downward trend since 2008. What is worse is that the estimates for 2017 are equally dire, according to the report, which elaborates every year, the fundación Affinity.

Although the birth of litters of unwanted is the main argument put forward for the abandonment, other causes such as the end of the hunting season or the inappropriate behavior of the animal in the home show the irresponsible behavior of many people who decide to adopt a pet. In particular, the study quantifies in 104.447 dogs and in 33.335 cats collected by the societies of spain in 2016, a figure higher than that recorded in 2015. As was foreseeable, the time and more prone to dropouts coincide with the months of holiday, between may and September.

According to the official data of the state, in Spain there are two million cats and over 5 million dogs registered with a chip of identity, that is to say, a pet for every 6 inhabitants.

But what really worries the societies of animals is the increase of dropouts in the public right of way. The fate that awaits them can be lethal.

Of 137.000 collected only 45% were subsequently adopted, 16% came to the refuge for lost and could be returned to be identified, 12% are still living in the protective and 7% was sacrificed.

Various associations, including the foundation author of the report, work in Spain, next to the Observatory of Justice and Animal Law to achieve a change of the Civil Code for the pets, dogs and cats especially, no longer being considered “real numbers”, that is to say, things with ability to move by themselves. “This causes harm to the animals to be susceptible of appropriation and of free disposition on the part of their owners”, warn the animal.

The foundation Affinity puts up every year a nationwide awareness campaign to alert about the lack of commitment with the adoption of pets, and, of step, to disseminate the benefits they bring to the quality of life of many people. “Unfortunately there are still a lot of people that treats them as if they were shoes. Make the decision so thoughtless based on reasons ephemeral”, said Isabel Buil, director of the organization.

In an academic article, the psychologist Rafael Martos was placed at the base of the problem the character utilitarian that in the Spanish culture is given to these animals. “Historically they are allocated to a function of work, protection, hunting, food, clothing… and when you stop having those interests aside for the pet.”

Martos, who also performs duties of supervision of the official master in intervention assisted with animals from the International University of Andalusia, advises that if a person decides to have a pet should be conscious of their nutrition, health and hygiene, and must remove it to do exercise. (I)

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