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The man who checked the tires of his vehicle was surprised to hear voices of children as the wee hours of the night.

“There’s no one, no one!”, said a girl, almost puntitas, in the cruise of Gregorio Garcia and Thomas Flowers.

Behind, a woman and two other girls dragged a table with a small lump on top.

The woman and the three girls, apparently their daughters, they marched to the intersection of Antonio Castillo and Thomas Flowers and on the sidewalk of the Faculty of Commerce, Administration and Social Sciences, popularly known as UAT, they left their load.

Curiosity won him the man. Went to see what had been left on the sidewalk in a manner so mysterious, and it was then that arose the indignation.

Under the blue blanket, a trainer of puppies was a small dog. Their eyes out of their sockets and dangled whimsical, to the rhythm of his shuddering breaths.

His tail barely holding her little body showed the bones of his ribs.

The man ran in search of the woman and the three girls had returned by the same road. When you get to the Gregory Garcia not already found them, they seemed to have disappeared.

The little animal stood there, alone, without water or food, without hope.

By the morning the cold was not intense, but for Mila, as have been baptized in the Protective Association of Animals. The rain and the wind did shake his small and malnourished body. No one else knew of its existence and at that time, the neighbor was little I could do.

In the morning, early, the man turned to his neighbor who in turn was looking to Laura Andrea, who always brings food to the street.

Laura Andrea did not want to see up close to Mila. He asked for help, but no one answered her calls.

“Dormirla” forever, maybe it was a good choice. So much suffering, so much pain, so much disappointment that cut of a coup was not far-fetched.

“The reports that are made on the Friday are responded to on Monday,” said the voice at the other end of the phone in the Center anti-rabies.

“Do until Monday?”, we asked Laura Andrea. Too much time, too much suffering.

There was then to go to the media and social networks.

The images of Mila, fainting and “made ball” on the sidewalk of the UAT hit the target.

Soon, The Morning has published the post-and the Associations and people that love animals are organized.

Messages from here to there and there to here.

At 9:00 in the evening, almost 2 thousand people had reacted to the post, more than 240 had been shared and 297 had made comments.

A neighbor rode guard to prevent Mila went down to the street. Blind, would soon be hit by a car in a street with high traffic.

Another carried water and food. She didn’t proved anything, the fear, the pain and perhaps disappointment by the human the made to despise what they both needed.

The rescue came soon. People of the Association for the protection of Animals apersonó in Thomas Flores and Antonio Castillo.

Meanwhile, in social networks the outrage grew, grew and grew.

“How can you be so cruel?”, were asked the most.

Others resorted to the insult, the intense desire that the person responsible will happen the same.

The Protective Association of Animals responded quickly to questions.

“It is already with us”, posted María Jiménez, president of APA.

“We got a young dog who suffered a lot of damage in your body, which reflects a great cruelty on the animals that live in Nuevo Laredo,” said María Jiménez, president of APA.

After an operation by the veterinary specialist at the animal shelter, the puppy is in recovery.

Jimenez put his finger on the sore spot:

“Families should value your pet as a member, not as an object that you can hit, throw, or mistreat and this is a warning, because many of the killers began violating an animal”, he warned.

Today Mila is recovering, little by little, in the shelter of the APA, but needs the help of humans.


Association for the protection of Animals.

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