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At the headquarters of the Neighborhood Association Abel Amaya, yesterday, the Municipality carried out a campaign of deworming and vaccination, canine and feline. «The idea is to move forward with these actions in all parts of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia,» said the under-secretary of Control, Daniel Campillay.
The initiative complements other similar tasks that point to the sterilization of pets as the or mobile, that in this opportunity is located in the neighborhood comodorense. In addition, the health area of the municipality used to deliver doses of rabies vaccine.
«This is the first campaign of the year, which reinforces the held in July, with the first stage of de-worming of animals, canines and felines. On this occasion, we’ll add the rabies vaccine that are part of the cycle established by the Directorate of Veterinary medicine, with the support of the provincial area of Zoonoses, which collaborated with 600 doses,» said Campillay.
«The idea is to move forward with these actions in all parts of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia. The Department of Zoonoses, by means of Alejandra Sandoval, we will send a 1,700-more shots, so surely at the next opportunity, we will work in sectors of the area north of the city,» said the municipal official.
«The number of animals continues to be a problem and the only method that we will implement during this management is castrarlos and heal them, we don’t have other options. Let us remember that, when it conducted the census, there were approximately two animals per person,» he said.
For his part, the president of the Neighborhood Association Abel Amaya, Marcelo Curallán, indicated that «this campaign is very important to the neighborhood and we were working with the Municipality since some time ago. Approached many people, from very early on».
«The canine overpopulation is a big problem, that’s why we work together with the area of Veterinary medicine, raising awareness to the people about castrations and vaccinations for the animals. And this task is already bearing its fruits. The State provides us with the tools and from the vecinalismo we have to ensure that the neighbors will get the greatest possible benefit», he concluded. Canine Association Malaga

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