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The Civil Association “World of Legs” regularly performs actions for the protection of animals of company at Wanda, the face of the great number of reports of neglect and violence that every day they receive in a municipality that at the official level do not have the budget nor the infrastructure needed to carry out the care of urban fauna, or to plan periodic days of sterilization.

FIRST EDITION spoke with one of the partners of the protective association, Olga Pioli, who remarked that “it is a work done totally to lung by its members and thanks to the solidarity of the neighbours of the neighbourhoods, we know them and we know the situation in which they find themselves. Many times they don’t have enough money to travel and pay to neuter their pets and in those cases you sponsor intervention”.

With all the input that comes from the people of Wanda, and eventually of the Municipality, perform “days of neuter mass” to curb the large amount of puppies that are abandoned, in many cases at the time of birth.

As clarified from the Association, from the Municipality are doing everything possible “to face the difficult situation that the city lives” in the field of investment available. In that sense, the area of Zoonoses local can’t afford the costs of castration, by which the rescuers were in the urgency of mobilizing all the necessary means to generate the days.

“Mundo Patitas” works since 2012, and the activities that it promotes help to mitigate the urgency of the abandoned dogs and cats that are still playing. “The days of castration massive support by the people that collaborates, sponsors, many come and leave donations for the expenses that are required, ranging from inputs to cover part of the operation. On the last day castrated 38 dogs in total,” said Pioli.

Currently, the animal occupies a site, a warehouse city, which is located in the neighborhood Union, pending to enable a new site which is under construction, which will be transferred. “In the coming months we hope to complete the work in the new space, which is going to be a more appropriate place, with other infrastructure. Now we are in a neighborhood with all that that means, it can be even annoying for the space and also to the neighbors.”

In terms of the number of pets rescued, as commented, have a record in which stated that the majority are pups, which tend to be located quickly in new homes. The problem arises when you are of older age or with injuries caused by their passage through the street. “The people in general, to adopt, often leaving dogs more oldies or those with some ills or that they are with bumps, scars, and it creates them to stay a long time without anyone that wants to carry a new home. The solution for these cases do not continue to give is that people castren their pets. We are now working on a project to present in the schools to generate solidarity from the classroom, with the collaboration of the teachers and the children.”

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