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If you want to know a little more about the abandonment of animals in Spain, a good way is to watch the documentary Dog, too human conducted by the association Acento Cultural. Thought of as a way of giving voice to those who have not, the movie points out the main problems in the relationship man-dog today.

more information about Dog, too human

Throughout its 66 minutes long, the documentary tries to unravel the leading man, which for centuries threw the dog to his will and for his own benefit, many times to get rid of these innocent creatures.

To further explore the issue of abandonment of animals, in addition to other topics – the documentary features first-hand testimonies of:

  • Veterinary,
  • Volunteers of shelters,
  • Hunters,
  • Trainers,
  • Professionals working with dogs,
  • Users of guide dogs
  • Activists and defenders of the rights of animals

“in This article, we will tell to you everything about Dog, too human, a documentary which, among other issues, addresses the problem of abandonment of animals in Spain”.

A documentary that goes far beyond the subject of the abandonment

The starting point of the film was the protective Bark Street of Tomelloso, in the province of Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha).

From there, the documentary delves into topics such as:

  • Breeding (legal and illegal)
  • Hunting
  • Ill-treatment (psychological, physical, humanization)
  • Laws
  • Dog kennels and associations of protective animals
  • Awareness
  • Service of the above
  • Therapy dogs
  • Guide dogs

Giving voice to those who do not have

To portray the relationship full of nuances between humans and dogs over so many years of coexistence, the documentary also draws on the poet Dionisio Cañas. The intellectual makes a review of various literary works of which dogs are a substantial part.

The film also features testimonials from various personalities, among them:

  • Carlos Rodriguez, a vet and host of the program such As the dog and the cat, the radio Onda Cero.
  • Nests Mendoza, who offers their home as a shelter for dogs.
  • David Martín Bernal, Margarita Palomino and Lucía LaHoz Pradillos, also veterinary.
  • Carmelo Serna, Laura Espinar Ruiz, Eva Espinosa, Miguel Serrano Rodríguez, Luis Martínez González and Nuria Espinosa López, volunteers of the protective Bark Street.

More information about the documentary

According to Clare Lopez Cantos, the director of Dog, too human, the realization of the film took two years of hard work. The team included 27 people who volunteered for the project, which was funded by sponsors and donations.

The film participated in important festivals and was presented in various screening rooms. Today is already available on YouTube, via this link.

Unfortunately, the shelter Barking Street, a crucial link of Dog, too human, ended up closing down the activities recently by the lack of financial resources. But the members of the association are working in various ways for the defense of the rights of animals abandoned and abused.

Abandonment of animals, an urgent problem

According to the figures cited by the recent survey on the abandonment of companion animals, conducted by the Foundation Affinity, in 2015 were rescued from the streets of Spain 104.501 dogs and 33.300 cats. These data are only a little less than those counted in previous years.

A data encouraging is that the number of lost animals that were recovered by owners increased. And this is all thanks to the increase of the furry, mainly dogs, identified with microchip.

In addition, the economic difficulties are not the main reason that leads people to abandon a dog or a cat. The problems of behavior or adaptation of the animals to be present are the ones that most lead to the abandonment.

But, although there are some signs, the abandonment continues to be the main problem that plagues pet Spanish. The work of awareness-raising and education should be permanent. And documentaries as a Dog, too human are more than welcome.


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