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A group of students from Salta was celebrating because I was going to trip alumni. With their jackets and banners alluding to, not the boys concealed their joy at the foot of the monument to general Martín Miguel de Güemes. But in an instant all color change: a dog that lived on the street died when he exploded a bomb din in the snout.

It all happened on Thursday the 4th of may. The students who were celebrated by the long awaited trip had placed a «cake » fireworks» on the steps of the equestrian sculpture. Her mistress, the dog that he roamed around the place, approached the ied and blew up the face. The wounds made desangrara and, subsequently, died.

WILD. So she died her mistress, the dog of the place. Photo: TN and the People.

The director of Animal Welfare of the Municipality and head of the grouping Protectionist Animal Jumps (PAS), Lucas Iñigo, explained to the newspaper The Tribune that «on the steps of the monument a few students placed a cake of fireworks and lit them. In the seventh or eighth shot, the dog bit the cake and it exploded in the jaw and all of the tissues of the muzzle«.

Before the brutal incident, the asociacióne humane Enough Traction to Blood (TAS) in Salta filed the complaint at the local police station and the criminal attorney Horacio Cordoba Mazuranic began an investigation into the death of the animal.

The municipal officer said that they would have identified the young man that lit the wick of the fireworks but clarified that, as it is under the age of 18 years, the case could end without complaints. Iñigo added that none of the adults that accompanied them to the guys did nothing for the dog «that had a larg agony» and that’s why they will make a presentation against the parents and against the Normal School «Manuel Belgrano» of that city.

For his part, the director of the school, Adrian Zanzul, argued that had «the presentation of banners and promotions on Thursday at 10: 30; inside the establishment,» and said that this act was the responsibility of the college». «When he finished his act, just after 13, they went to the monument under the absolute responsibility of the parents. I clarify: they were not in the building or under the responsibility of the college, «said the manager.

They call for a protest against the fireworks

The Tuesday after the 12 called for a sit-in outside the provincial legislature. The goal of the protest is to achieve a ban on the use of the pirotecnica in urban areas and only authorized in locations remote.

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