In favor of animal welfare in Aguascalientes – THE DEBATE

Aguascalientes.- In the work meeting, the holder of the Proespa, Ofelia Patricia Castillo Díaz, and the secretary of Public Services of the municipality of the capital, Héctor Anaya Perez agreed to work in a coordinated manner, to ensure that the organisations animal protectors, independent activists, and/or any citizen that is a matter of animal abuse, may institute a proceeding and to give the follow-up question.

In favor of animal welfare in Aguascalientes - THE DEBATE 1

About Ofelia Castillo mentioned that one of the powers and duties of the Proespa is to ensure the well-being of the animals; in so much that the Municipality of Aguascalientes has worked directly with the civic associations interested in the topic, so that the purpose of the agreement is to join efforts to eradicate the maltreatment of animals.

“The law empowers us to intervene when there is a complaint of abuse to companion animals or household; in some cases the complaints are misunderstandings between neighbors, so that through the agreement, we have a direct link with the civil associations, who will give assurance that the report is true”, said the attorney.

In favor of animal welfare in Aguascalientes - THE DEBATE 2

For its part, Anaya Pérez stressed that communication and coordination has been established between the Proespa and the dependence of its charge, will help and speed up all aspects of a complaint of animal abuse.

“Both of these dependencies have a direct competence in the matter of animal welfare, but, above all, the city council has a significant role in the topic of awareness and prevention, and unfortunately, if a matter comes to the Proespa, it is because the abuse has already happened; in that sense we have a lot to do in terms of prevention,”concluded the official.

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