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In the capital of the Target there are human beings with a love that is indescribable to animals. Some of them dedicate their lives to taking care of those who are abandoned in the streets.

The Foundation for the protection of Animals and the Environment, St. Francis of Assisi, located in the city of Villavicencio, was born several years ago, with the aim of safeguarding animals and the environment.

The plight of the animals of the street, is one of the issues of animal welfare with relevance in the world today. Although dogs are among the animals most affected, hundreds of cats are also abandoned often on the streets.

The life of homeless animals is cruel and painful, and continually seek it in the garbage food to survive and the wounds which suffer seldom be treated, for which many of them die without receiving help.

This situation has caused foundations such as this, work to change the sad reality of the stray animals, that some people see as a nuisance and a health risk.

The veterinarian Rene Ortiz, is the head of the foundation of St. Francis of Assisi, which bears that name in relation to the saint that had a special connection with the animal world. According to the story, a wild wolf that devoured sheep and attacked the men, he stopped doing it to be tanning by the Italian.

The work

Rene, told the Newspaper EXTRA, which is a non-profit foundation, which also conducts trainings on responsible ownership of animals, «they teach people about animal rights, prevention of diseases and everything that has to do with the abuse,» said Ortiz.

Teaching respect for animals, to cover their basic needs, give them love, to respect its nature, generates a significant change, as indicated by the animalists who know of the work of René and his work team, composed by 5 people, two vets and 3 assistants.

A task integrates

Ortiz, is a man with a big heart, which was born with the vocation to help animals and work for them. In the same way those around you, are people who love this work and work by her in a disinterested way.

Sterilizations for the pets of people of lower strata, are made with a special price in a clinic that is located in The neighborhood of la Ceiba, where René plies his trade as a veterinarian.

Find new homes final for those animals that live in the shelter of the foundation, located in the village of Buenavista, gives them a new chance at life, with responsible families who assume the commitment to ensure their well-being.

Angels four paws

That way calls to the dogs and cats, Natalia Perez, a girl of 7 years, who has visited the shelter of the foundation, «the dogs do not move away while being harassed, they are angels without wings, have four legs, a furry body, nose of pellet, ears attentive to any sound and a look that follows you wherever you go,» said Natalia.

But those who know most of these angels are gift Luis Santos Prieto and ms. Yaneth Lopez, a married couple who has devoted much of his life to the care of shelter animals, live in a home a few steps from the place, and their days revolve around the care and welfare of animals.

Luis, and Janeth from Sunday to Sunday, in charge of the work of grooming and healing that require dogs and cats. With great love has made the animals part of your family, some of them are in advanced age or have some special status, are cared for in the home of the couple, but in general by all concerned as if they were their own children.

Plan sponsor

The foundation works by means of the plan sponsor, by means of which a person is providing resources for the housing, maintenance, sterilization, and power, of an animal in a condition of vulnerability, Ortiz states that this is the unique way to develop the work.

The shelter

Visit the refuge is a great experience, in this hotel you can observe the work of volunteers who have gone to seminars of improvement of the place, with great care and dedication little by little have suitable places where they sleep, dogs and cats.

The shelter has faced different needs, but fortunately have always arisen aid to address the requirements and move forward. The effort of the team that makes part of the foundation, gives you a chance of life to the animals. The dogs greet visitors with a large dose of love, beating their tails and pouncing to receive a caress, that which is continually denied to them in the streets.

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