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The Federal Park is the place chosen to celebrate the Day of the Animal. The humane Santa Fe organises the meeting, not only to commemorate this date but that will be a day of exchange between the families that adopted a dog from this shelter. It will be on Sunday 30 from 16. Those who attend, in addition to go with their adopted, will be able to collaborate with this association by partnering or getting closer collaborations, on this occasion carrying out a campaign of coat.
«The day is Saturday 29th, but as our desire is to share a moment with the family, Sunday seems to be more feasible. In addition to having a huge place where you can zoom in with the dogs, we decided to do it in the Federal Park. What we will do is place a post and a billboard we will promote our 800 dogs that are in adoption, «he told ONE Santa Fe, Clear Fontanarrosa, a member of the board of directors of the humane Santa Fe.

The goal of communication, which adopted the Protective this year is that all the events that are carried out will be to spread the topic of adoptions. «The shelter has a shelter which houses 800 dogs and our desire is to have this place with zero dogs, that is why we’re going to give a lot of outreach to the adoptions,» he added later.

That is why they decided to do this meeting with «those people who are encouraged to adopt a puppy from the shelter, many of them puppies, other adults, and some chose one with problems with motor or vision,» he said and then he added: «in Addition to the put for adoption, we’re going to put a photobook so that you can draw pictures that go with the dogs, in short, the idea is to be present in a public environment and to promote the work that we do. That day we are also going to receive coats as blankets, cloths, blankets, and everything that can serve to shelter».

We’re also going to put up for sale things of merchandising and «all the funds raised go to the shelter and the intention in this 2017 is to fix the dog runs that are in bad conditions,» said Fontanarrosa and the list of proposals, he added: «in Addition we will have lots of cake, praline, pororó, among others. We’re also going to add new partners, and we will be giving out puppies for adoption».

It should be noted that this working group is divided by committees and there is a specific one dedicated to the adoption and is the one who selects dogs that are able to be given and are carried to the posts. One of them is every Saturday morning in the First Board and St. Maarten; and also, according to availability, on Sundays it is located close to the Technology on the costanera highway.

New invitation

In this framework, the next event will be a Tea-Bingo that will take place the 14th of may at the Living Veterans of the Malvinas war, in Peter Vittori 4282, from the 15. The cards are already on sale and come out 200 pesos includes a number of raffle and two tickets. For more information please contact for fecebook or phones 154427740 or 156982982. «Everything is going to be collected there will go to the reconditioning of the dog runs, which we call the dog runs to the divisions that we have in the ground where we group the dogs by affinity, by age and other characteristics,» said Fontanarrosa.

In this line he added: «In the last storm we collapsed a little bit of masonry, then we are doing some work to lift that, improving the floors, so cleaning is easier, and everything you gather is going to go purely to condition the shelter and make life a little better for the dogs that we have there. But the idea is that we do not get more dogs.»

The association operates purely for the benefit of the members and donations. «We don’t have support and collaboration of the Province or of the municipality. We are a group of girls that we are paddling in fresh milk. The solidarity is very important», said the member of the Protective and at the same time told that today’s foods for example do not need to «because there is a emrpesa without giving the name decided to bestow upon us»he said,» and clarified that «if we need medicines, now shelter and building materials».

To help

The Protective of Animals, Santa Fe is the association and the fan page on facebook is Dogs to the shelter for adoption. This is today one of the communication pathways, but can also call to phones 154427740 of Clear and 155586615, Andrea benchmark in adoption. «Those who want to do us to bring things to the points that we have for adoption or donations. Sometimes we get the equivalent of a freight and then we took advantage of and we’re piecing together the things that they give us, all in a single day and trip» said Fontanarrosa.

Places to donate of the Protective are Boneo and Juan Diaz de Solis (dietetics); Avellaneda 3235 (from 13); Güemes 3835 (17); Republic of Syria 6329 (17); Uruguay 3221 (notice the 155485609); San Martín and the First Board (Because of adoptions, Saturdays from 10 to 12.30); Aristóbulo del Valle 67880 (Photo); and Crespo 3459 (Monday to Friday from 8 to 18).

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