A megaoperativo to frustrate a hunting of rheas in San … – The Andes (Argentina)

A megaoperativo orchestrated by more than 40 members of the Police and of the Division of Wildlife provincial allowed to thwart a hunting of rheas in San Carlos. The military managed to hijack firearms, knives, around 30 rounders and 27 horses that were to be used in the excursion.

Staff of the Department of Wildlife next to the Police, Rural, Marines and rangers of the reserve Laguna del Diamante, made yesterday the operation that resulted in the arrest of three people.

The Address of Renewable Natural Resources, received on Friday a complaint that sounded the alarm about a “boleada” that was to take place during the weekend in the field Plains of the pampas grass, located in San Carlos.

After finding, by means of visual assessment, the presence of vehicles in the place, asked for a search warrant. Yesterday morning broke into the place a joint force of more than 40 personnel from the Ministry of Security and the Secretariat of Environment.

In the post they found the remains of rhea and arrested three people. In addition, they kidnapped boleadoras, knives, firearms, traps for wild animals, carnivores and horses.

The fact it was labeled “harassment of wildlife by hunting in-band with dogs”, an activity prohibited by the National Law of Fauna 22.421, Provincial Law of accession 4.602, its amending Law 7.308 and Regulatory Decree 1890/05.

Kidnapped almost 70 vizcachas faenadas in San Rafael

Early this morning, around 1, members of the Delegation South of the provincial Police were requested by staff of the National Gendarmerie in the detachment of the Mount to Eat, located on route 146 in San Rafael.

The gendarmes reported them to the police, who moments before had stopped the march of a Toyota Hilux on which were three men. In the case of the truck transported 69 vizcachas dead.

To be accessed by the origin of the animal, the driver of the pickup truck they assured the inquiry that they were of their property. By order of the court, the strength of Rural Police seized the animals slaughtered and delivered to a humane Society.

The driver of the Hilux was housed in the dungeons of the police station. 64 in the investigation of his background, according to informed official sources. Also made a proceedings for infringement of the Law 22.421.

How to report

The Secretariat of Environment and Territorial planning, informs that those who wish to provide information about specimens of wildlife injured or to report instances of hunting or illegal possession can do so through the portal of complaint on the internet site of environment: www.ambiente.mendoza.gov.ar.

Or telephone contact to the Address of Renewable Natural Resources to the phones 4252090 and 4257065, 8 to 13, Monday through Friday, or 911.

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