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The case of the dog Chocolate of the city of cordoba from San Francisco who died after agonizing for several days because a person despellejó alive; and the horses used for dressage and pony in Jesus Maria, are the catalyst for a new running of the Association Defending the Rights of the Animal (Addera) in conjunction with SOS Horses. The call is for today, at 20, in Galvez 840 (in front of Channel 13) to then walk down Boulevard until street 25 May to 3200 (where there is a recognized FM of the city). The intention is to make the problem visible to society and demand to the provincial authorities and the Justice system more penalties for the abusers.

«We marched from the very sad case that happened in San Francisco with the puppy Chocolate of three months that was skinned alive. Following this are several provinces who marched, was a case very resonant, then what do we do for him, but also for all the situations that we have in Santa Fe and that, unfortunately, are many,» said Gabriela Salzmann, president of Addera Daily ONE, an institution that constantly denounces various cases to the protection of the Law 14.346.

Also anticipated that this ride is in conjunction with SOS Horses: «Because we repudiate all cruelty perpetrated in the domas and trick riding, and there we focus on what is happening in Jesus Maria where all the animals are subjected to shock to be able to domarlos and many suffer fractures and unfortunately have to be euthanized,» he added later.

In this line, Salzmann said: «We say that torture is not culture and that is what more than eight years ago comes from fighting the doctor (Cristina) Pagani of SOS Horses. The two associations are very worried because day-to-day will add up to more cases of mistreatment. With what happened in San Francisco is like that we have to put an end point». From Addera made clear that, in this sense, what they want is that these convictions are efectivicen, «something that today does not happen,» he said. This march will be added protectionist Gálvez, vacation rentals in argentina and other locations close to Santa Fe. The invitation is made to all the citizens santafesinos who want to participate.

The reasons

In regards to Santa Fe, from Addera make reference to the amount of cases of animal abuse that happen on a daily basis. «All abuse is terrible from a dog tied up, we had cases of dogs hanged, poisonings, among others. All are reported but as it is a crime to excarcelable, then hence our claim to change that,» said Gabriela Salzmann.

Among the orders the government to curb this, the president of Addera expressed the desire that there be a prosecution aimed at all that is animal abuse. «All of this is that we remain firm as always and in conjunction with other associations such as in this case SOS Horses, that are the two institutions that we are denouncing animal abuse in Santa Fe,» he then added.

He took the opportunity to denounce that «cases like the one that happened in San Francisco there are many» and I wish I could be taken as a precedent to stop the aggressor, as happened with the one who killed Chocolate. «We know that the author is detained; and what we ask for together with the protector of San Francisco is that you follow as well, and in addition be given a sentence and to comply, especially taking into account that it is a crime to excarcelable,» said Salzmann.

This march will be the first of the year, but not the last. «We are not going to stop, it is a lot of abuse and you should put a brake on that. The same thing happens with the traction to blood, is a claim that is not heard, it is a constant struggle, but we do not go down the arms. That’s why the march of today will be for all kinds of abuse, because it is much neglect, there are many animals that, unfortunately, we die and we don’t give more, we didn’t get to save everyone. That’s why something must be done», completed from Addera.

Two prominent cases are still awaiting a conviction of the Justice

Four days ago, the Police of Cordoba arrested a man accused of being the perpetrator of the brutal assault of Chocolate, the dog that was skinned alive in the town of San Francisco and that he died for the wounds. Your sad story has aroused the anger of hundreds of people who marched in several parts of the country against animal abuse. This person would have violated the Law 14.346 of animal abuse and could receive a sentence of between 15 days and a year and a half. The associations protectionist ask up the time.

Another case resonant in the city of Santa Fe was the killing of cats in the well-known house Cingolani, where they appeared about 30 animals poisoned, within a bag of the consortium, on the sidewalk ready for the truck’s garbage collector will take them. «Today we produce many delays when it comes to cases like this because there is not a prosecutor’s office designed exclusively for the animal abuse. This was not the only case of poisoning but there were others in the province,» added Gabriela Salzmann.

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