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¿Por qué negarse a una solución que puede ser benéfica para todos?

Why refuse to a solution that can be beneficial to all?

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I am a teacher of third grade in a public school and resident of Tepoztlan Morelos in my entire life. I was born in the Barrio of Santo Domingo, like my sisters, my parents, my grandparents and my great grandparents. Also, my three children were born in Tepoztlán. In fact, we live in the same communal land over 100 years ago. The land where today we dwell, where today we have our homes, which for decades were the place where cosechábamos corn, farmed pigs and chickens. Today our animals are in another land, almost an hour from here, to where my father 74 years old travels daily to work, because the field became area housing.

I write this text thanks to the generosity of don Federico Arreola, a problem that we are suffering more than 10 years ago in Tepoztlan. We have a neighbor, mrs. Dora Anaya, who rescues street dogs racking up tens of animals. The work done is a good job, but the place where it is carried out is not appropriate. Mrs. Anaya does not have the permissions of land use corresponding to a shelter and ran over the agreements we’ve reached on other occasions between the stewards of the neighborhood, the neighbors and the authorities.

10 years ago, after which the whole neighborhood came down to manifest himself to his door, she and her husband took out over 100 dogs and committed themselves not to have animals in your house. But Doña Dora did not respect the agreement, even when a protective association of animals it was signed by a witness in 2007. In a few years he accumulated more than 200 dogs, in an area of housing. In December of 2016 authorities removed more than 150 dogs, which are also recovered.

My husband Armando and I have three children, they have 14, 11 and 9 years old. Our three children have suffered from asthma, skin diseases, and stomach. The doctors have told us that the hair of 200 dogs and over 30 cats surely is the problem; not to mention the feces and urine of a number as well of animals. My father and my mother, an 81 year-old man and a woman of 77 years old, suffers by not being able to sleep. In total we live around the home of Doña Dora 26 families.

The animal will attack us in social networks, with insults, disrespecting and accusations reckless, full of lies. A mr. Mujica to upload a video to Facebook of Doña Dora threatens us. Have tried to reduce this situation to a conflict with a single neighbor. It is fake! Rescuing dogs is a good cause, but the care of the animals can not be above the health of the population. The dozens of dogs and cats are a source of unhealthy conditions and environmental pollution.

We told the Lady that we support and we help to bring their animals to another field. Why the rejection of a solution that is good for all? Good for her, for their animals and for the neighbors. Why not the desire to collaborate with respect to the well-being of the neighborhood? We have two choices, stay in the conflict and litigation neighborhood, Dora against the stewards and the majority of the community’s Neighborhood of Santo Domingo, or find a good output for all parties. The city and state authorities are responsible for finding this solution.

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