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By: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex

Ensenada, B. C. – The story is about a puppy that was rescued while it was in progress, a fire at a recycler of plastics in the Colonia Morelos 2, in the urban area of Ensenada. “Morelos” it was like it was dubbed the users of facebook plex, while the reporters engaged in the work of coverage of the incident and met with the little animal, who was in a bad state of health.

Fire in Ensenada and paramedics Red Cross in care of the puppy Morelos during the fire that occurred on January 18, 2017 in the colonia Morelos 2.
Photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex

During a live broadcast of the incident, which occurred on January 18, 2017, the followers began to ask that will help the puppy, bring to a vet. There were dozens of comments. Only one person decided to go for it, Martha, of the Association for the protection of Animals “4 Legged”. The hope, while paramedics from the Red Cross and Firefighters from Ensenada trying to help you. I had a strong infection in the eyes, and he struggled to orient themselves.

Martha, a member of the “4-Pin Association for the protection of Animals”.
Photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex

Once rescued, one of the readers of the page commented that he would pay for his recovery, and so it was. Covered the expenses of the surgeries urgent that you had to “Morelos”. The eye most affected had to be removed. The other, with damage too severe, it was able to maintain. However, it did not regain the view, that is to say, “Morelos” was blind. But I live.

Morelos being cared for at a veterinary. Photo: Courtesy.

After his surgery, he received a temporary shelter with some young volunteers, who was cared for during his recovery post op.

With donations, they were able to cover the rest of its expenses included, food, analysis to rule out erliquia, antibiotics for a small respiratory infection that I had, and the other to your eye. The donations even reached to cover the shots that I needed.

Now, the puppy has found another temporary home, where what is kept with care until they find their definitive home. Slope only is sterilization, which will be covered by the same Association 4 Legs.

Morelos during your recovery process.
Photo: Courtesy / 4 Legs

If anyone is interested in adopting him, you may contact the Association 4 Legs. Even without seeing, “Morelos”, who now tell him “Twinky”, can be a doggy very happy.

Cover photo: Ricardo Meza Godoy / plex



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