A shop Maskota it exhibits a dead rabbit in Pavilion … – However

Network users emphasized that it is not the first time that there is animal abuse in the pet store. “Boycott #Maskota should ban the sale of living beings! What impunity and corruption. #MaskotaMaltrataAnimales”, they wrote.

Maskota has been criticized on other occasions by the treatment given to the animals that offers. Photo: Alex Rojas

Mexico city, march 22 (However).-A user reported through your account in Facebook that in the shop Maskota, branch, pabellon Polanco, they had a dead rabbit on display.

Alex Rojas wrote in the publication: “…I realized that an animal was not moving (rabbit), I stayed there a couple of minutes and seeing that it was not breathing or moving, I told the manager to let me see the little animal, but as I suspected, he was already dead!!! And who knows how long she had been like that!!!!”.

The man also gave to know the fact on the page of the humane Society Mexico 2: “it IS NOT POSSIBLE for a company to ‘serious’ which boasts of having a mission where ‘it Enriches your life and the lives of your maskota’ to be ABLE to do something like that!!!! I don’t know if anyone can take the appropriate measures or sanctions relevant to this case, but reiterated it is outrageous to see something like that , there are even children who looked like they pulled the dead rabbit!!”.

In a video shared by Red, you can see how an employee took the dead rabbit and removed it from the display, while a minor, he saw the animal.

Several people have expressed their outrage: “Boycott #Maskota should ban the sale of living beings! That impunity and corruption. #MaskotaMaltrataAnimales”.

Someone else suggested putting a formal complaint. While others stressed that the authorities should act because it is not the first time that happens a similar event at a branch of Maskota.

This is not the first time that happens something like that in Maskota, accuse users. Photo: Alex Rojas.

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