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Campaigns of vaccination and spay / neuter free for dogs and cats, conference on adoption and responsible about protective measures in public spaces are some of the activities promoted by the Presidency of the Council of Resistance.

May 27, 2017

The Consultative Council on Animal Protection was created last year with several purposes: analysis of current regulations for various areas, to generate proposals of up to date and consistent with current needs, to relocate animals without a home or who have been the victim of abuse.

“Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. The punishment of the society are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way”, Martin Luther King.

Under the premise of “stop looking to the other side” (the area that presides over Gustavo Martinez

it is integrated by the council members Alicia Frías (PJ) and Martin Bogado (Civic Coalition-ARI) next to the following associations and protectionist bodies: Board of Veterinary Chaco, Secretariat of Environment of the Municipality, office of the Undersecretary for Environmental Health of the Municipality, Institute for Animal Rights law School in the Chaco, social organizations of animal protection; among the found Foundation Frees, A. P. A. CH, Protection of Anonymous and Traces of Dog, among others.

Advisory council, its creation and work

Council member Alicia Frias, one of the coordinators of the Consultative Council of Animal Protection, explained that the same was born of the concern that came to generating the various protective and people that work in the field.

chaq.jpgWe study a tax credit for those who adopt animals with disabilities.

“The Presidency of the Council noted exactly this concern as a social demand and is the Advisory Council to work with the protectors and with the organizations in terms of all applicable legislation and initiatives that may be presented from the community with regard to the protection of the animal. And from there work started on generating the internal regulations, where the commissions created to develop the activities”, he reviewed and added “We have an action theory that is the analysis of the regulations and the practical execution that comes from a part of the protective agencies and members of the Council with the activities and the support of the Presidency of the Council”.

The Council meets monthly on Wednesdays where each commission presents the activities and encourages different proposals. “They distribute the activities in the different commissions of Legality, Protectionism, Protocol, Secretary and Treasury, which handles a little of the resources for each activity,” he said.

Cold anticipated that for this year the challenges that are proposed within the Council is to work even more on the normative on a number of issues that relate to the protection of the animals, such as the replacement of the traction to blood; dangerous dogs; fireworks, among others. “Are regulations that need reverse as well as proposals that we will raise from this Advisory Council to the provincial Legislature for the amendment of the animal protection law. It is a proposal that we intend to achieve from this Council during this 2.017”, he announced.

Incentive for the adoption of stray dogs

The judge of Faults of Resistance, Dr. Alicia Gutierrez, also a member of the Advisory Council of Animal Protection, providing legal advice and, in addition, be committed to the cause as told in his family own several adopted dogs.


Gutierrez said that one of the initiatives in which the Council is working hard has to do with the project for the reduction of municipal taxes to those neighbors who adopt a stray dog, with a follow-up and special registry to the pet and their adopter.

“The project began in Spain, with very good result. Then spread in other parts of the country. There is a procedure in which any person will come to take and say I want to be an adoptive parent for the benefit of the benefit of a discount. First and foremost is that who is going to be an adopter, you will pass by an interdisciplinary team of psychologists who will assess whether really this person may be an adoptive parent of a dog, if you have the vocation and the love to have an animal and enjoy the benefit”, he explained and added “And through the groups of social assistance is going to verify the address where you are going to go to the animal and is going to do through the groupings protectionist there will be a follow-up of the animal, if it is in good condition, if you put the vaccine, among others .

Consulted on the implementation of this project, the judge of Faults indicated that the same is almost ready and it only remains to sign agreements with the Judiciary and the Interdisciplinary Team of Psychologists to then submit it to the City Council, waiting for approval and then instrumentation through the Municipal Executive.

The protectionist and labour to lung

One of the legs must haves of the Advisory Council are organizations protectionist those who know which are the main emergency room when it comes to protecting domestic animals and working as are the horses. Some have a large number of members and others with less but share a common goal: to work for the common good of the animal world.

One of them is Footprints of Dogs, represented by Zunny Martinez, who along with 15 members active works and collaborates with the adoption of dogs, giving transit and organizing child-care facilities in family homes. “We were invited last year to serve on the Board when we did a conference on animal abuse. I think it is very important that you have created the Council because it is a way to raise awareness and educate the people from the area of the municipality. Has a fundamental role for all citizens and the whole community because it is through the Council where you are going to implement or are they going to put an end to some of the problems that all protective we are to suffer as dangerous dogs, and the traction to blood”.

Marisela Romero, is another of the members of the Council and collaborates with six more people independently in your neighborhood and in those public agencies where it is the refuge of the homeless dogs. With the help of his family, friends, and neighbors, provides food mainly and attends those cases of very serious health or bitches that have given birth. From your place you try to promote on all castrations free closer to your neighborhood and friends every one of the information of the conference to the charge of the Advisory Council to avoid the presence of more animals in the street.

chaq4.jpgWhat’s most visible work are the days in neighborhoods, however, there is also a silent task technical and legal.

Institute of animal law and club of the dial

Sonia Sosa, form part of the Advisory Council as a representative of the Institute of Animal Right of the bar and next to Thérèse Fliter of the organization, such As Dogs and Cats make up the Club of the Dial, a space for the dogs who for some reason suffer from a motor disability.

“We accompany them in my case as a lawyer of the Institute in all that is the legal advice and to those people out there resort to the Council to know what are the steps for making a complaint of abuse. There are looking for a solution to avoid to continue the abuse and in the case that they can locate the animal in a better place or continue with the follow-up of the court record,” noted Bland. And he added, “or well we plan to work on other projects designed to reduce the taxes to those people who are in charge of an animal disabled, trying to collaborate with the daily expenses.”

For her part, Thérèse Fliter, noted the social work carried out from their protective. “We are a group of people that we get together the days of castration and adoption. Our main interest is to go to the neediest neighbourhoods, and raise awareness among the people should neuter their pets as a means of prophylaxis for which there is no demand of so many dogs and diseases that they transmit”.

He also stressed the help that they need those who have adopted disabled animals. As the main diapers, food (for puppies), and shopping carts since the costs are much higher. For this purpose, the interested parties can contact through the fan page of Facebook Club of the Dial.


Just TAS, but in a gradual manner

Silvia Rhodes, a pioneer in the organizations protectionist from the A. P. A. CH and is now a Foundation Release is a critical piece of the Council both reference of practical actions.

Foundation Releases works in a building located in Three Forks is managed with the help of the provincial Government. In the five years that she has been rescued about 400 horses, all arising from a court case with a complaint.

As a member of the Advisory Council emphasized the need to replace the traction to blood but in a gradual manner, and inviting the owners who want to join. “There is a sector of society that it calls for the prohibition of the traction to blood. However, when you ask for a ban, you do not ask for one and allow for other. Today propose a ban of the traction to blood you imply to have a day to another more than 4 thousand Endurance horses that do not know where you are going”, plotted and compared: “In Buenos Aires was made the ban and were 60 thousand horses to stop in a refrigerator. Then the question arises, cold puna phased replacement and start voluntarily with those who want to work for where you have a bad experience no one else wants to add.”

The dog whisperer local

One of the last in joining the Advisory Board is Frederick Busch, technical on behavior modification canine who dabbled in the activity as a dog walker in his neighborhood since the age of 12 and then specializing and became and turned their hobby into a profession. After an experience of three months in California with Cesar Millan, known as “The dog whisperer” and have worked for three years in dog runs city of Villa Carlos Paz returned to its Resistance homeland to contribute their knowledge, accompanied by her dog Frida, a labrador black. Of his hand, gives a sample of how you can return the identity of a dog starting from the change of behavior of the human being and in addition rehabilitate dogs dangerous or problematic.

More than 30 pets already have a family

The second day of adoption, responsible pet of this year is carried forward in the square of the neighborhood Paykin, with the goal of pets abandoned or rescued from abuse can have a definitive home where you know how to take care of them. In addition there were stands with vaccination campaigns and information on the care of the animals.

chaq2.jpgWith or without pedigree pups are often victims of neglect and severe abuse.

The day was a resounding success as it secured the adoption of 32 pets, including dogs and cats, and also took out the anti-rabies vaccination and desparasitó a large number of dog population that were brought by their owners to the square of the neighborhood Paykin.

The Secretary of Environment, in charge of Louis Houses, through the Undersecretary of Environmental Health, who has charge of the department of Zoonoses of the municipality of the Municipality of Resistance is another of the fundamental pieces of the Consultative Council because it is through the programs, their five veterinarians and in addition to the acquisition of the Operating room a Mobile Veterinarian working in the primary care, animal health and the prevention of diseases such as Leishmaniasis. The same has the function to cycle through different community centers in the city to do surgical interventions, castrations and deal with emergencies free of charge. The task of the Operating room the Mobile will be completed substantially with the project of construction of the Public Hospital Veterinarian to be expected before the end of the year in avenida San Martín to 1,800 of Resistance where was formerly the municipal kennel. The same is found in evaluation in the Ministry of Public Works and the Secretariat of Municipal Affairs of the Nation.

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