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Tegucigalpa, Honduras
The dream of turning the capital into the headquarters of a refuge for animals has been delayed more than planned.

And is that for more than a decade that the protectors of the fauna have driven this project, however, does not yet realize.

“We are evaluating the project to be integral and within the municipal regulations we are promoting the protection of animals,” said Juan Carlos García, deputy mayor of the Central District.

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And is that according to Silvia Alfaro, president of the House of Noah, during 2016 the authorities of the commune on the city informed them of the possibility of donating a plot of land located in the vicinity of the colony Site to set up this rescue centre, however, this was not suitable to run the project due to the instability of the terrain.

Similarly, he received the proposal of locating this animal shelter in the vicinity of lto cologne The lake, however, the volunteers of this organization considered that this area is not suitable for the execution of this work.

Daily struggle
“We wanted to know what land has the commune to propose in what areas you could do this project, but we have been refused information,” said the protector of the animals.

According to the lover of the wildlife, the low agility of the process by the authorities of the Municipal Corporation have generated some volunteers lose the hope that this ambitious project can be run.

“We’ve thought of retreating, but the love of the animals keeps us struggling day in and day out,” he said.

In the capital work about seven organizations dedicated to providing homes to animals who have been left vulnerable by various circumstances, among them the abandonment.

For example, the House of Noah serves more than 200 animals, including wild birds, dogs, cats, and monkeys.

While the Association of Rescuers Independent (ARI) provides assistance to about 50 animals.

The number of species of four-legged who live in the street exceed 13 thousand , and are located in more than 60 percent in areas close to markets like San Miguel and Zonal Belén.

To the list of sectors is added to las colonies the Crossing, The Site and the area of the airport, sectors where the rescuers of the animals have been identified that disrespects the right of the birds, as they are organized cockfights.

In addition, dozens of animals that die run over on a daily basis in points of output of the Central District.

In October of 2016 entered in vigencia the Law on the Protection and Welfare of Animals Domestic, Wild and Captive, but the results are not yet entirely satisfactory in the national reality.

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Lack people to have greater awareness of and denounce the acts of ill-treatment to the authorities, because there are few people who do, this is why we educate students in the capital city,” said Lopez.

The last that received the lectures this week were the students of the Monterey Institute.

In the Court of Police of the local government of 2016, the date will only have received around 50 complaints.

“We are the entity that we serve complaints, assaults or ill-treatment of animals,” said Marvin Cross, of the Municipal Court.

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