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The radicalism of Chascomús, yet does not digest the heavy defeat of 2015 at the hands of Javier Gaston, who determined that they would lose that stronghold, after sixteen years of government. And now seems ready to do anything, even though that put at severe risk the life of a neighbor, as it happened on Thursday night.

Through the Facebook of the municipality of Chascomús, he met the boot of an administrative summary to a surgeon for refusing to perform a surgical intervention in the municipal hospital San Vicente de Paul. The worrying fact happened last Thursday afternoon, when it was determined that a young person should be subjected immediately to an emergency operation, but the professional informed the mother that would not do the procedure, arguing that it does not have the appropriate tools, that the team of laparoscopy in the hospital was no good, and that I should refer you to a private clinic Chascomus SA where supposedly it could (perceiving an additional fee for performing your surgery with your computer).

But finally, after the intervention of the secretary of municipal Health, Marcela Árias, the doctor agreed on bad terms to perform the surgery, the authorities of the area determined to initiate proceedings to have put unnecessarily at risk the health of a patient, and because when you have all the supplies and equipment needed to perform the operation, «the refusal of the professional harm to the public health system, it generates a clear conflict of interest and cause a financial damage to the municipal property». In the proceedings it emerges that the mother of the patient claimed to have received from the doctor an «abuse inconceivable.»

According to appointment a local gateway, of the proceedings initiated on the day of Friday show that the surgeon involved in this serious fact is neither more nor less than the doctor Santiago Dos Santos, pre-candidate for councillor for the list of the radicalism in the internal Change of Chascomús, in which he eventually prevailed Ramiro Ferrante, regarding the Pro local. Dos Santos, a man of the kidney of the current deputy provincial and former superintendent Liliana Denot, and who was also the director of the hospital during the management of radical, was about to be fourth in the list of Change, as the electoral Justice, of the province enabled a change in quotas, which was finally rejected. Anyway, the surgeon continues to «operate» in the interests of its chief Denot, who was seen last week strolling around Chascomus and militating next to Ferrante.

This would not be the first summary in which Santiago Dos Santos is involved. In the year 2011 we conducted a research presumarial following a complaint by a bias in the purchase and use of medical supplies (more precisely clips for laparoscopic operations), to the detriment of the public purse. The strange and the striking of the case was that, despite all the evidence provided by the statement, that would show operations «in the black» and the embezzlement, the then superintendent Denot ordered the closing of the record and the dismissal of the agents involved by means of a decree 805/2011.

Coincidentally, one of those agents was Dos Santos, who since 2008 and until the assumption of the vecinalista Javier Gaston, would be making important personal income by providing services with its own team of laparoscopy (business disrupted with the new management considering that it implied an incompatibility), it would be the same who today, from the shadows, still shaking the water from within the hospital against the administration of mayor Gaston , and in favor of Change.

This type of attitudes of contempt and selfishness on the part of Dos Santos would not be new. At the beginning of September, a communiqué of the Association for the protection of Animals Chascomús, caused great indignation in the community of animal lovers: “A lord health care professional and recently a political candidate”, was run over by a dog and left him lying in the public way. (

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