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PETO.— The councilor for Health Romualdo Canché Chi said that they are on alert after it was confirmed four cases of rabies in the State, for which it asks citizens to vaccinate their dogs and cats.

In the case of the municipal seat, volunteers of the Health Center visits are made to homes in order to vaccinate the animals, so it is important that families give them all facilities to do his job, he said Canché Chi.

He added that these actions also include police stations, because “in communities where there is usually more contact the families with their pets.”

Said that this week should cover Petulillo, San Francisco, and Chan Calotmul, which are the communities that have yet to visit.

—By the distance between a town and another visit to one per day so as to ensure that vacunemos to all the animals in these communities —it highlighted.

—We are in permanent surveillance, since it is serious that there have been such cases of rabies, which represents a serious danger to humans —she said about the confirmed cases recently in the State.

—The only way to prevent this disease is to vaccinate animals on a regular basis, especially because they are in the homes and the children are the ones who have the most contact with them.

On the other hand, said that the proliferation of stray dogs in the population is also worrisome, especially because there are some with scabies and represent a focus of infection.

—We analyze the situation, and it is very likely that you make the shots of the dogs and are taken to the municipal dump, where they will be locked up and the owners will have to go for them. That way we will know to whom they belong. We want to raise awareness to make them responsible of their animals.

He accepted that lack a control to prevent the proliferation canine in the population; however, “it is now very difficult to get a permission to perform an extermination canine due to the intervention of the humane Society”.

—Four months ago we started to manage the authorization of sacrifices, but still there is nothing official —said.

—It is necessary to perform this control by the sick animals that walk on the streets, but there are also rules to follow and hope that you will give the authorization, and, if so, they would have to follow the guidelines that tell us.— M. A. M. G.

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