Accusations against zoo have background political: deputy pro-pan – The Day of the East


Tehuacan. The federal deputy panist Sergio Gómez Olivier said that is a lie what they say: the association for Justice and Dignity Animal, on the state in which to find the animals of your zoo, The Club of the stuffed Animals, this is because the organization noted that that space is animal abuse and overcrowding.

The protective association of animals has made public a series of photographs to demonstrate that there are animals in very poor conditions, but according to Gómez Olivier not all the pictures are recent and those that are were taken from specific angles to give the image of abuse.

Said that in a zoo the animals are in good condition, well fed and with a decent treatment, for what he described as a lie without a livelihood, at the time of the intentional wrong, the denunciation of Justice and Dignity Animal, which in recent days called for the closure of that space, and the redemption of all of the species that there they have on display.

On the closure that there were in his zoo, days after it was made the allegation at the national level, on the part of Justice and Dignity for the Animal, the legislator said that it was a single day, in order to perform maintenance work, which was carried out by the orders of the veterinarian, who was not consulted on that decision.

He expressed that he already was normalized to the activity in the zoo, so that visitors can enter without problems, since he himself asked the vet not to close the space to avoid misunderstandings.

To say that the legislator albiazul, that complaint did the organization have a thoroughly political, because the next year there will be elections in the state, so considered this kind of a low blow to try to affect his public image, to weaken him in the race.

Fit to highlight that Gómez Olivier has already made public his intention to seek the candidacy for the presidency city of Tehuacán, even warned that if the BREAD does not allow him to be their candidate, could play in the independent pathway.

“It is a political war, used the zoo to attack me” said the deputy, who said that this is the work of the political parties that are concerned that can get to be a candidate.


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