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Meoqui– The case of the poisoning of at least 20 dogs in the community of The Tower, it is possible that results in a criminal complaint against those who are responsible. Since last Tuesday a group of neighbors and members of the Protective Association of Animals NAASHKAAN, involved the commissioner in the facts.

“We’re going to proceed with the complaint until the last consequences, which will be in the name of our association NAASHKAAN for the neighbors to not feel affected in their integrity, because they are people of the same place who carried out the poisoning of the dogs,” said Omar Ali Fierro, president of the Association for the protection of Animals.

Residents of the community of The Tower, accused the commissioner of the place of being responsible for the killing of more than 20 dogs in complicity with three other men. Faced with this situation, they requested the presence of the Protective Association of Animals NAASHKAAN, as well as the president’s sectional Eliazar Ocon, who is apersonaron in the place, as items of Public Security City, who took the report.

“The Penal Code of the State of Chihuahua noted that it is an offence to kill any animal, that the only place where you can carry out the slaughter of animals is a trail, no one can kill an animal for being in the public way, or to pass a fence, they are 6 months to 2 years in prison and fines of up to 52 minimum wages”, he explained.

He also added, that this has to serve as an example for the community, it must respect the rights of animals, for respecting their rights is the symptom of a good coexistence among people, underscored Omar There Fierro.

“Our colleagues NAASHKAAN Julimes and Guadalupe Victoria, they requested support in The Tower, upon reaching the place, we were able to realize that the problem was serious, we saw different dead dogs on the public highway and to talk with affected stakeholders, noted that were about 20 dogs that died. An animal poisoned on the public road is not only harmful to the pet, also for the children and neighbors who live in this community,” said the interviewee.

Omar Ali, said he tried to converse with the curator of the community, with the surname Gallegos who was reluctant to treat with the members of NAASHKAAN.

“He took and burned some of the dogs that died, there were witnesses who saw you in your truck is lifted the animals dead and did not want to say the place where they were burned, we think the commissioner may be responsible why they do not want to give more information and was very rude”, said the leader of the association.

For the association it is not only violence towards animals, but to the whole community in general, given that when they put poison or things harmful in the public right of way affect any living being, concluded the interviewee. (Myriam García Morales/The Journal)

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