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This Friday collective groups of animal protection met at 19:00 hours in the Plaza Cagancha for a demonstration against the proposal of the minister of Gnadería who suggested the return of the dog kennels.

«Tabaré Aguerre wants to return to the kennel, some want to return the rifle health, we want public policies of animal protection. Ethics and commitment, SXXI», said the announcement inviting them to mobilize against the suggestion of the minister of Livestock.

Among the orders that are performed are castrations-mass, the regulation of the sale and breeding of dogs, promote adoptions, and support to the shelters that already take care of the animals.

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The secretary of State, asked about the possibility of returning to the old «kennel», he replied: «I Think the problem is that the kennel interpreted as a machine for the extermination of dogs was a mistake», but appreciated the kennel as «an instrument that put order in society when an animal didn’t have a fork responsible and staying in some place».

Dog kennels, municipal establishments where the dogs were euthanized if no one claimed, ceased to exist in 2009 after a strong protest from the skid that culminated with the animal welfare act.

Last week the organization Dog Shelter SOS is expressed in front of the Legislative Palace against articles 84 and 87 of the Accountability.

In article 84 empowers the Ministry of Livestock, «to proceed with the culling of animals of the species productive of owner-known and unknown, upon inspection, to have been retained by the Headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, in all the national territory, with the motif found in the public road, and which were not withdrawn by their holder in time and form.»

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