Accuse police of cordoba of torturing and killing a puma – the Voice of The Inner

A sergeant of the Police of Cordoba was left in the crosshairs of the Justice of The Rioja after it released images on social networks, which is observed to a group of people who tortured and killed a cougar in Chilecito.

The outrage that produced the video and the photos even led to a neighbor of Chilecito offered 5 thousand dollars for a reward in exchange for the “family data” of the hunters.

Reportedly in the newspapers of la rioja, in the final hours of the Environment secretary of The Rioja, Santiago Azulay, and the president of the Association for the protection of Animals, Silvia Meyer, made a criminal complaint against four hunters.

The prosecutor Diego Torres Pagnussat said: “The allegations were made and we will make contact with the cause, but from the office of the prosecutor we are already acting. There are regulatory, provincial and national protection of wildlife, are crimes that deserve prison.”

According to spread the site, The Federal On-Line, La Rioja, the commissioner of Chilecito, Jorge Peñaloza, confirmed «the arrest of Marcelo Luján and Roque Lujan participate in the act of mistreatment to the animal. In addition to this, Luis Martin Ormeño (32) who is kidnapping ammunition and weapons of war».

«And there’s a fourth person with the surname Figueroa has order capture. ‘By the research we determined that these people also manipulated their weapons, and released the arrest warrant because the fourth is not already in the area’, was completed».

It turns out that this last person with the surname Figueroa is Guillermo Figueroa, sergeant of Police of Cordoba who is now working in the division of Bikes, and that time ago was part of the Patrol Environmental, although now it sounds contradictory.

Figueroa, according to police sources in Cordoba, he asked for a license and would submit to the Justice of La Rioja.

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