Addition 65 complaints for animal abuse – Diario El Mundo de Orizaba

Addition 65 complaints for animal abuse - Diario El Mundo de Orizaba 1

White River.- From January to date, the Directorate of Animal Health of the city council has registered 65 complaints of animal abuse, mainly of dogs due to lack of care, moored for a long time to the weather and physical aggression, as well as recognized Rodolfo Orea Ruiz, the owner of that area.

According to the internal rules of Animal Protection can proceed in case there is a complaint, which can be done in the offices of Health, even anonymously.

He said that the largest number of complaints are from people who point out to dog owners who mistreat them with blows, they are left tied up without food and live in bad conditions weather.

As the address to seek rapprochement with the owners, and are removed if they do not comply with the rules of Animal Protection in stating the care that these pets need to have, vaccines, food and others.

Be removed, they are taken to houses of adoption, homes, protective of animals, and if they are young dogs were sent to a home, temporary or permanent.

In the event that there are cases of municipal competence, the channel to the Secretariat of Health, humane Society, Attorney general, or the Sedema in the case of wildlife that is protected.

“There have been cases of dogs abandoned in a property and the owners are going, that’s why we channel other people, such as Societies of Animals that may make the complaint,” he said.

Of these cases, there are three that have been presented in the cologne Model, Santa Catarina and Flores Magón. “Mainly relatives of people who were, are those who support the rescue of abandoned pets”, joined.



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