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In recent days, several canines have given us a great lesson about the important role they play in the society. After the earthquake lived the Tuesday 19 September 2017, the citizens, together with professional bodies, rescue, managed to save many lives; however, they did not do so alone, in a large part of these bailouts, several dogs had a participation fundamental.In recent days, several canines have given us a great lesson about the important role they play in the society. After the earthquake lived the Tuesday 19 September 2017, the citizens, together with professional bodies of rescue, managed to save many lives; however, they did not do so alone, in a large part of these bailouts, several dogs had a participation fundamental.

Media and social networks, have released the names of some of these heroes canines: Frida, Evil, Ecko, Agata, Zeus, Titan, Akela, Kublay, Nala, Newton, Aslan; they all breed, however, calls attention to, the existence of a dog rescuer stray mongrel named Manolo; of whom it is known publicly, he was welcomed by the Prosecutor General’s office Of Jalisco, when, one day, by chance, was introduced to the facilities in which it was performed the training of the Squads Canines. Manolo began to play with other dogs and to gain the sympathy of the members of the Prosecutor’s office, was adopted. Your training has been equal to that of the other dogs and has now been participating in the rescue efforts for the recent earthquake lived in Mexico, making the location of a person with a life, as he remained trapped in the rubble of a mill in the colonia Obrera; as he explained to several media his guide, Francisco Javier Enríquez Díaz.

The above is a clear example that it is possible to develop strategic plans in order to integrate the vulnerable sector of the stray dogs to the society, thus contributing to generate a high positive impact to the current conditions of the environment, through the approach of effective projects that are of utility for both people and canines unprotected.

Dogs in general, may have support roles for the human in areas very important; accordingly, it is possible to educate certain canine in situation of street, to which were able to detect appropriate features for desempeñar certain tasks in the society. It is worth mentioning that these features are not defined exclusively by race, because according to the coach canine Spanish Ricardo Antón, any dog, so be it mestizo, has the capacity to develop different skills. He says that all dogs have the ability to learn, think and solve problems; and are also able to educate yourself regarding how to behave around other members of the herd.

According to the site specialized in animal life,, the intelligence of dogs has 3 main dimensions:

1. Intelligence instinctive – is related to all those skills that the dog develops by nature, and from his upbringing, thus determining their behavior.

2. Adaptive intelligence: refers to the skills that you have the dog to learn things by yourself in different environments, according to their experiences.

3. Cognitive intelligence: it is that which is related to the ability in the performance of activities and the sense of obedience that develops the dog, according to what he learns from the human and the orders that they give off.

Based on the above, it is notable that the dogs in the street can channel their intelligence to the work in the society, therefore, could develop projects in different lines as: dogs, search and rescue, assistance dogs, dogs safety, and therapy dogs; in this way, the performance of these beings would have a high impact on the citizenship, because it’s not just limited to being pets, and as well, in the same way, they would receive the benefit of the protection and care on the part of the humans, leaving to wander the streets in conditions of total helplessness.

Focusing especially on the recent events lived in the country, we have been able to observe that the canines dedicated to search and rescue, are those that help save people in situations of danger. The intervention of them along with their guides, has represented on several occasions for many people, the difference between life and death after live with catastrophes such as earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis and avalanches. According to the association Lambercan Dog Training in Spain, the technology does not yet allow any machine to surpass the dogs in detections of this type, because they have innate faculties such as your ability to smell, sound discrimination, speed to discover to be buried , and your intuition. Intuition is a sum of receptors of the physiological senses, to which is added the persistence and willingness of the dog, which has a lot to do with the temperament playful canine, his eagerness to please his master, and his affection towards humans.

On the other hand, the association Lambercan also indicates that any dog, whether purebred, mixed, large or small; it serves to work search and rescue. While it is true that you opt more for dogs of medium size or large, the small ones are very useful, as they have more easy access to tight spots that are inaccessible to the large. Are the characteristics of each dog which will contribute to their greater or lesser predisposition for this work and not another factor.

It is clear that projects involving canines and humans are not simple to implement, as it requires planning and organisation well grounded to be able to develop them; however, having a solid structure as an organizational entity and an adequate planning strategic, it is less complicated to be able to carry them out when the time is convenient and when it has sufficient resources, the most of which could be provided by the government, as it is he who possesses it in a greater extent the ability to be able to give life to a plan of this type.

It is important to develop projects of high social impact that involve stray dogs and to humans, as both beings can be supplemented so extremely enriching. The canine need to of the human to be protected and live in dignity, but the human on many occasions we also need the canines, as these last possess physical abilities and psychological that make them more adept than the people to face many vulnerable situations or dangerous, which an individual alone could not counteract; as has been the case of the recent earthquake that occurred in Mexico.

There are and there will be different points of view related with the protection and rescue canines in the street, however, it is a fact that actions such as the training of these to work search and rescue people, help to evolve favorably as a society. All that contribution to the common good and to the eradication of the animal life unworthy, violence and abuse, regardless of the field where there is, where it comes to the proposal or what are the nuances of the situation; contributes to living in social harmony and, as a consequence, serve as an important example of education for the generations to come.

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