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no Doubt you’ve already read, or ever seen a news story about a dog trained to receive awards for his work in a war, an expedition or a operation drug. When these animals meet a certain number of years, leave the service and many of his colleagues take us home. But this does not happen with all. For this reason, a association encourages the population to adopt a dog retired from the Police.

Heroes retirees looking for a new home: bring a dog removed

Source: Facebook of Heroes 4-pin

The association “Heroes of the 4-Pin” launched a new campaign in Madrid. It serves to encourage the residents to accommodate animals who have served in the Police, for example. According to the president of the Community of madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, those people who adopt a dog withdrawn will receive much more than you imagine. The governor supports the cause, and indicates that it is “fair and caring”.

The dogs that work with the bodies and State security forces, as well as in Emergency Services, looking for survivors of the disasters. In addition, they fight against the trafficking of people, terrorism and drugs.

After his retirement (approximately 10 years of age of the animal), that need to be adopted by any family. But, don’t always get people willing to receive a pet for the elderly at home. In most cases, are the same fellow humans who are in charge of them in their last years of life.

Since its foundation, two years ago, the Association of Heroes of 4 Legs got a home for hundreds of abandoned dogs from the Police. Throughout the day, they work hard to bring the dogs to the families. In addition, they receive the help of those who worked with animals. If they can’t stay with him at his house, do everything possible to find a home for their former classmates.

As well has indicated Cifuentes, a dog is not a working tool that, after you meet your goal, you can save in a deposit. These animals need love, food and care. We must remember that they have a past full of sacrifices. Without a doubt, deserve the very best in this new stage of their lives.

The Association of Heroes of 4 Paws to adopt a dog removed

This foundation works in conjunction with the Civil Guard to find a home for dogs that are not able to be installed in the homes of their human companions. Thanks to the Association and the Service Cynological, the animals removed from the Police force are adopted by the families after being evaluated.

In accordance with what is shown in the web site of the Association, the working life of the dogs revolves around 9-year-old. When their abilities begin to decrease, it is removed. Or, then, when they can not perform their functions are retired. In addition, it can happen with young animals that, after being adestrados, do not have the skills required for the job.

The association of Heroes of 4 Legs tried to create a network at the national level to know the destinations of the abandoned dogs from the Police with the families interested in taking care of them, in the years that they still. The requirements to be fulfilled by the applicants are people of caring and commitment, who understand what are the needs of an adult animal: calm, warmth, a good bed and lots of love.

The adoption process is more meticulous, because you try to join a pet faithful with a family or appropriate person. Taking into consideration the nature of the animal and also the characteristics of the potential adopters. After giving the custody of the dog, the specialists are in charge of assessorá of them and make a follow-up.

The Association is available to all the Canine Units, regardless of the force or entity they belong to: Forces and Bodies of Security of the State, Local, or Regional), Civil Protection, Fire brigade, Private Security, military, companies, services canines, etc

If you are interested in adopting a dog removed, you can get in contact with them, or, then, with a Police station close to your home.

Source of images: Facebook of Heroes 4-Pin


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