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The town of Lavalle has entered into an agreement with the national Protenencia of Pets, and the universidad Juan Agustín Maza for the castration of dogs and cats in the department. These actions are based on the need to provide the community with a healthy environment and promote the awareness of the care of the animals.

The campaign is underway that seeks to control the population and the responsible ownership of pets and stray animals in the department. To implement this system in the districts, the municipality is preparing its own operating room mobile that will tour the different areas to perform castrations.

In the event that took place in the facilities of the veterinary hospital that this house of higher studies possesses in the department, participated in by the mayor, Roberto Righi; the national coordinator of the program Protenencia of the Ministry of Health of the nation, Jorge Cuatrín; the vice dean, Viviana Catalan; the provincial coordinator of the program, Julian Marino, the director of the faculty of Veterinary Science, William Giambastiani and the director of Economic Promotion of the commune, Juan Jaime; the responsible for the Protective Association of Animals Saint Bernadette, Alexandra Crosetti, among other authorities.

The system of castration of pets is implemented in coordination with the veterinary hospital that is located in the district El Chilcal. The commune collaborates with the logistics and assistance in the uptake of appointments and preparation of the animals at the time of entry to the surgery.

In this sense, the municipality of Lavalle reports that used to require shifts interested parties should call the 4941216 or 4941440 from Monday to Friday of 8 to 13.

General Requirements

• You can only enter the hospital, one person per pet

• The animals must have an age greater than 6 months • females must not be in heat or pregnant

• Animals should not be excessively fat or thin

• Females which have calved must have a minimum of 60 days from the last calving to be able to be operated

• He must inform the clinician of any disease you suffer from, treatments that have undergone or medications they consume.

• Must be fasting only of solid 12 hours prior to surgery.

• Pet owners must carry their pet with a collar and leash in the case of dogs and in a bag or kennels for transport in the case of cats.

• Owners should bring a coat or blanket to remove the animal after the surgery, and should have some transport for the same, as they cannot move by their own means then being operated.

• As doctors responsible for the operating, every animal that attends the same will be reviewed in order to assess if it is or not in conditions to be operated.

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