After death of dog consisted of a complaint for animal abuse – The

Environmental Police and the Association Advocate for Animals – Asoanimales, attended in Neiva a case of alleged animal abuse in the north of Neiva. A breed dog pincher, 11 years of age, died, apparently, due to a kick caused by a neighbor.

According to the first versions, the dog was the victim of a strong kick, after having stolen a piece of meat. In fact, that took place in the neighborhood of The Maelstrom in the north of Neiva, the can ended badly affected, and after three hours of agony, died. The syndicated segarle life ensures that you simply reacted to the attack of the canine to his nephew four-year-old was eating lunch.

“He says that the dog is walked into the house and he ate a piece of meat, but since that doesn’t justifies get a puppy pincher of a patadón, also, he told Environmental Police that yes, he had stuck a kick at the dog and told the lady not to cry that yes he wanted, he bought another,” stated Juan Diego Isaza, attorney Asoanimales.

Julio César Cabrera Soto, reported a case of animal abuse, said to THE NATION that had not acted with intent and that the only thing that he sought was to protect the child.

“My wife served him the child with lunch in a chair t-shirt, there close to the door; my wife went to the bathroom and the child older was in the other rocking chair, it turns out that the dog threw the child because as the child was eating meat, I threw it between the face of the child and the hand, then as the child cried, scared with the dog, she screamed and dropped the plate, so I stuck with the broom and unfortunately died the dog”, said the man, dedicated to the craft of construction.

In 2016, was approved by the President of the Republic Act 1774, which declared the animals, sentient beings, and that as an achievement of the movement is animalistic, set exemplary penalties for abusers of animals, up to and including prison, for those who violate the rights of the furry friends both.

Because of this, it has been increasing the visibility of cases of animal abuse, but still, according to the animalist, he has not complied with the law fully. With this case, we seek a punishment exemplary, according to Isaza.

“The Law 1774 2016 brings as a penalty for cases of child abuse and animal cruelty, which is not only physical abuse, but also emotional, brings a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years or a fine of 5 to 60 legal minimum wages in force, the idea is that in this case drop the full weight of the law, you have to understand that they are not things, since the same law has been declared sentient beings, they suffer, they are part of many families, a pet is very important within the family,” explained the lawyer.

Julio César Cabrera insisted that at no time was their intention to attack the dog, ensures that you simply reacted frightened by the cries of the child.

“A lady says that I glued in place a new kick and I in no time I, because I want to the animals, to me hurts me because I want to the animals, in the night when I arrived was the lady of the house and told me that it was worth 800 thousand pesos for the operation of the dog, I told him, ‘I have no silver, but I give him half, I tomorrow will get it and sell the bike’, and the answer she gave me was that, ‘it was better that the dog had bitten the child’, in front of the police, my lady and the child,” he said.

The owner of the dog was a complaint of animal abuse against Julius Caesar, advised by Asoanimales, and expects there to be a penalty issue in this case.

“The lady affected gave statements there in the URI, and presented the denounce. It is a case that we want to give deployment, because it is getting out of hand so many cases of animal abuse and nothing has been done so far”, emphasized Isaza.

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