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”I think so, that when I die the dogs are going to help me cross the river,” says Ernesto Aparicio in reference to the belief in pre-hispanic that the dogs help the dead to get to the Mictlán. What account from the back seat of his truck at the conclusion of a day of work with his School of Dog Training CAT, Animal scene, in which, from 30 years ago, educated dogs, trained to competency, and the rent for business premises and for the television.

Is your son, Jesus who drives the car. In the back (in their trasnsportadoras) travel Chiquis and Aqua, two bitches of a different race that day had called in to act in a soap opera. Despite the fact that they only needed an animal, Ernesto always takes two, for any thing. The choice for the production was Chiquis.

Although the call was at noon in the town of San Pedro Atocpan (a little over an hour from the centre of the City of Mexico), the day for them began before the nine-and-a-half in the morning. At that time we met with them to accompany them to their work day at a point south of the city. Before, we stopped to let two other dogs, a Chihuahua in a set different. With them were their sons-in-charge.

The production said that the recording would be out of the village church, with the protagonists Renata Notni and Paul Lyle. For the scene took two spectra (was a nightmare) and one of them would receive the attack of the dog, so that Ernesto and Jesus went to the make-up area. Between laughter, they commented that it is common that make them such scenes as these that do not make the players or the doubles.

“You must have a lot of love for the animals because this job does not have a day of rest, the day you have to be taking care of the animals because they have to eat, get dirty,” said Ernesto, and he recalled that he had rented different animal with costs ranging from 2 thousand to 10 thousand pesos, mainly dogs for films such as Amores perros and soap operas as the strength of The target, Between the love and the hate and My gorda bella. In fact, he was a partner of Larry Casanova, who was in charge of the income of the animals on Televisa, but also has worked with TV Azteca and other production companies.

It wasn’t until six in the evening that the production announced that by the end, it was time to record with Chiquis. At that time, both dogs remained in their transporter. At some point in time the took to make a lap around the place and took the opportunity to clean one that had been urinated and give them water.

“It is a part of our family, is the one who gives us to eat. I everything that I have experienced is thanks to them”, says Ernesto. He does not see it as a form of mistreatment that the dogs work. In addition to buying have been adopted by animals of the street (they have about 70 dogs) to educate and provide food and food.

“When you get home will give your place clean, food, water, and wear something that today very few people in the world: love, I end up working with the animals and the only thing they say is: thank you.”

In 40 minutes it had already recorded everything. Half an hour after the paperwork, we took way back. That scene, said, it cost 5 thousand pesos. Some extras who were also in the place and were waiting several hours for some scenes, commented that his pay was 300 pesos.

Unlike the productions u.s. where it is required for the supervision of the American Humaine Association on the recordings with animals, in Mexico there is not a organism that is present during the work of the animals on the television. Since 1940, in the neighboring country, that association became the supervisor of the good treatment of the animals that appear in Hollywood movies.

They implemented the credit “No Animals Were Harmed” (No animal was injured) at the 1972 movie Doberman Gang , and that since then must have the film.

When I asked Jesus if there was any kind of regulation on the way of working with animals in Televisa and TV Azteca, said she doesn’t but acknowledged that from about three years ago and due to the movement of protection organisations, the work schedules have been minimized to four or six hours maximum, as before, asked them to arrive very early and could end at two in the morning of the next day.

He also commented that since some years have worked with productions americans who have come to record in Mexico. They have to deliver a letter issued by a veterinarian certifying the health status of the animal after the recording. Several production companies as a District Films, Kinema Films, and The Lift, they do things in Mexico, I continue to ask for this document, but it is not the case of Televisa or TV Azteca.

“That came about when they began making many business gringos and began to come to the ‘humanitarian’, the association of the united states, they had to come to Mexico with the production gringa, have to tell the ‘humanitarian’ to record with animals although here in Mexico don’t have what to do. Brought to the ‘humanitarian’ of the past and we have to get with medical certificates of the animals where you verify that you are in a good state of health. Begin to ask for letters, many times in some of the productions gringas no longer was the ‘humanitarian’ but you ask for a letter certifying that the animal was not injured in the recording.

“That’s the letter they was to many productions that, although they are mexican since you ask for the letter of decent work and respectful of the animals. Televisa has not asked us for anything until now.” What yes asked Televisa to them when they were discharged, as providers, were the data of your veterinarian with a response in which ensures that he is the keeper of the animals and that in case of an incident (such as any rasguñara or is likely to bite someone) certifies that the animals are healthy and that the patient runs no risk.

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