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Yesterday in the morning hours, held the audience injunctive relief against a person charged with the crime of biocidio, after the assessment made by the judge, he decreed to give alternative measures to the defendant. Last Friday the subject was learned in flagrante delicto after being hanged and drowned the animal.

The hearing for interim measures was made in the court injunction first, where the judge Luis Esteban Ortiz, ruled the alternative measures because that was a bad way of collecting information at the time of the apprehension of the accused. He said that did not fall short of the elements that were used to end the life of the animal, nor is it apprehended the people that were in the home. He explained that this procedure should be carried out as if it were a homicide.
In addition, another of the elements that favored the accused, it is presented the necessary requirements to benefit from the measures, such as work, home address for which there is no danger of obstruction and leakage. He must also attend to the Public Ministry to sign 1 once a week, to present 2 guarantors, each for the sum of 30 thousand bolivianos, and in addition rooting departmental

The fact
The last Friday in the neighborhood of the Chapacos, averaging 16:00 hrs, Lucio Jorge Segovia Dogfish, 29 years of age and of occupation mason, hanged himself with a rope and then drowned in a bucket of water to the animal, to end his life. This at the express request of the owner of the house where he works.
When the subject was performing these actions was seen by the residents of the neighborhood who immediately gave a part of what happened to the Police.
Minutes after the policemen entered the residence, finding themselves in flagrante delicto on the attacker with the animal already dead. Faced with such a fact the accused was apprehended and taken to dependencies of the Season Integral of Police (PID) of the neighborhood of The Chapacos.
The vet that did the necropsy on the cadaver of the animal last Saturday said the anc died with agony, already had a heart attack when he was hanged. He recalls also that you found water in the lungs of the animal.
The representative of the Society of Animal protection of Tarija (SPAT), Gonzalo Torrez, stated that is not in accordance with the determination, but gave the reason to the remark of the judge when he referred to a bad way to gather the evidence.

The crime of biocidio is a figure criminal incorporated by the new Law 700, in defense of animals. The penalty for this offence, according to the statement, is 2 to 6 years of deprivation of liberty.

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