Alfonso Martínez Alcázar: The care center animal already touched bottom – Michoacán 3.0 (press Release)

Rosario Herrera Guido

If you love the people
and are hostile to you,
examine your love.
If you govern people and displayed unruly,
examines your wisdom.
If you are polite and do not apply to you,
examines your courtesy.
If what you do is in vain,
always look inside yourself and find the answer.
Mencius (chinese philosopher).


ALFONSO MARTÍNEZ ALCÁZAR, Constitutional President of H. Municipality of Morelia: last night, February 20, the Morelia All heard the claims on the radio, “Z”: “We do not lie, that the citizenship the test is failed, that fulfil his word, to stop surrounding himself with relatives and friends…” and so on. A negative impression of his administration, which a week ago was heard in national chain by Radiofórmula. Clear that You have the answers to the hand that exculpan, and that will give him the benefit of the doubt, but …

ALFONSO MARTÍNEZ ALCÁZAR: it is not possible for the H. Ayuntamiento de Morelia that You should preside with dignity do not show interest in the protection and animal welfare, after that at Campaign, Committed in writing and signed to make this Center the Best of Mexico.

ALFONSO MARTÍNEZ ALCÁZAR: it is unacceptable that the response to the associations that protect animals (Brother Animal, Amichaa and Ghapad), to the animal and independent citizens, animal welfare, spay / neuter, adoptions and budget of astonishment:

1). Zero trade Fairs Adoption of December to February of 2016 to 2017, taking as a pretext the holiday period.

2). Sacrifice of 157 animals, and 6 adoptions in the month of January 2017.

3). All the voices that have gone to cry and plead with the President Independent of the “Morelia of All”, not only to listen but to resolve, until this moment, about the unheard-of cruelty and incompetence of the maximum liability of the CAA: Aneel Nieto Álvarez, Tania Arellano Montero and Fernando Cortez Silver (nephew of the Secretary of the town Council, Jesus Avalos Silver), have been received with deaf ears, as the CAA, whose function is to the well-being of the animals, is the victim of the kidnapping, by the whim of the Councillor Katia Ortiz, the faults federal non-compliance, the state’s criminal animal abuse, authoritarianism, patrimonialism, and even nepotism (federal crimes).

4). The Adoption Program, due to questions of animal welfare and ciudadan@s, for their cruelty and incompetence already bottomed out: the last straw, the day of yesterday, Monday, 20 February 2017, we woke up with the bloody and excessive news that “Pirate”, the dog is protected by Miriam Magaña, who after his capture by the pound expected to pick it up, by the order that I had this past weekend, Fernando Cortez Silver (boyfriend of Tania, and nephew of the Secretary of the town Council, in frank conflict of interest), allegedly began to wander to the street, to make you mad to the animal protectors who come questioning to clean up the mess they have made of the CAA (alleged crime that must be punished).

ALFONSO MARTÍNEZ ALCÁZAR, Constitutional President of H. Municipality of Morelia: at the height of his authority and moral stature, must not only listen but to solve by putting a stop to the unsustainability of the CAA, in accordance with all of the voices and evidence gathered so urgent and immediate, for the excesses of cruelty and animal abuse at the Care Center Animal (CAA), true tales of terror, reported for months on social networks, which have a body of evidence, without being heard or as a result for You, missing all canon republican, legal and democratic, and that now by your foolishness or impotence go to the plane of the criminal action against the protected and armored authorities, who will have to face together with You before the Law and Citizenship of the H. Ayuntamiento de Morelia.

ALFONSO MARTÍNEZ ALCÁZAR, Constitutional President of H. Municipality of Morelia: all is not lost, there is a team minimum, physician and humanist, who was invited back to work to lessen the laziness, lack of skill and cruelty, the Secretary of Public Service, of your Equipment and the Utmost Confidence, Luis Gil, they are doing miracles in spite of the scarcity of resources, and rowing against the tide, since they were often officers, relatives and friends, commit outrages to blame those who are working, Doing A disservice TO YOU, MR. PRESIDENT, who during all this time he has been deceived and forced to sleep with the enemy.

ALFONSO MARTÍNEZ ALCÁZAR, Constitutional President of H. Municipality of Morelia: I assure you that, when the LAW OF PROTECTION AND WELFARE FOR ANIMALS in THE STATE OF MICHOACAN DE OCAMPO, to be approved by the H. Congress of the State, we have a picture very far removed from the politics of the Stale Rabies, who were born and inherited not only the extermination, but the cruelty, and that in a short time we will have to prioritize the sterilization, adoption, culture and environmental education, geoética, public ethics and public policy where they will not fit those who hate non-human animals, because they also hate the humans and to themselves. And then it will be best that ahead and sight in the society with new and current public policies on the Protection and Animal Welfare.

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