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Integrantes de la Asociación Mascotas Terapeutas trabajan con pacientes de los hospitales San Juan de Dios y Roosevelt. (Foto Prensa Libre: Cortesía Mascotas Terapeutas) Members of the Association of Pet Therapists work with patients of the hospitals San Juan de Dios and Roosevelt. (Photo Prensa Libre: Courtesy Pet Therapists)

Their skills, obedience, and their powerful sense of smell have been made of these animals one of the best allies of the security forces, bodies of relief and humanitarian organizations, who, thanks to the work of the canes have achieved impressive results.

For example, only in 2016, Rambo, agent unit K9 of the Division of Analysis and Information Antinarcotics (Cs) of the National Civil Police (PNC), seized more than nine thousand kilograms -19 thousand 800 pounds – of cocaine and more than$7 million -a Q50.9 million-.


Rambo is a shepherd malinois 6 years, whose work has made clear that the combination human animal is key to combating the crime. Rambo went this Thursday to the situation of withdrawal, because of their age.

Jorge Aguilar, a spokesman for PNC, ensures that the work of the agents K9 is critical to ensure the security of guatemalans.

Remember that until a few years ago, that unit is only dedicated to the detection of drugs, but due to the skills of the dogs are now being trained to detect money, explosive devices, and cell phones.

“Our agents K9 enjoy their work and therefore always give good results,” said Aguilar, who added that currently have 34 dogs, which have been trained using special techniques that won’t put your health at risk.

Los agentes K9 de la PNC contribuyen con la incautación de grandes cantidades de droga, dinero y explosivos. (Foto Hemeroteca PL)The agents K9 PNC contribute to the seizure of large quantities of drugs, money and explosives. (Photo Hemeroteca PL)

In the PNC also highlights the work of Secular, a German shepherd of 5 years, whose skills have also made significant seizures.

On the 7th of July last, died the agent canine PNC Bak, which was involved in operating antinarcótico, what the institution considers as a loss, because thanks to their work, were able to seizures that exceed the Q10 million. You have not clarified the causes of his death.


Bring joy

Since several years ago, dogs from the Association for Pet Therapists bring moments of joy to patients in hospitals Roosevelt and San Juan de Dios, where doctors have seen how the work of the dogs reduces the time recovery of the people.

The Association works through volunteers, who along with their pets come to the hospitals to work with patients. Currently have 30 active contributors and 40 more are preparing to begin work in the coming months.

Los perros de Mascotas Terapeutas son sometidos a un proceso de entrenamiento. (Foto Prensa Libre: Cortesía Mascotas Terapeutas)Dogs Pet Therapists are subjected to a process of training. (Photo Prensa Libre: Courtesy Pet Therapists)

Luisa Fabian, of the Commission of Funds and Promotion of the Association, commented that for them it does not matter the breed of the dog, since they are all sent to a school dog for six months so that they are eligible to work with patients.

He added that thanks to the good results of the project, the Health authorities facilitate the access of dogs to certain areas of the hospitals, where they share with patients suffering from various ailments, although they prefer to work with victims of abuse.

Breath of life

Satisfied are the members of the Rescue squad of the Fire department Volunteers with the work of the canine unit, since, thanks to the efforts of their trainers and the skills of the dogs, for the first time these were people alive under collapsed structures.

This happened during the tragedy of The Chambray 2 in October 2015, when thanks to the work of their dogs the first responders were about 20 people who were trapped under tons of earth.

Alvaro Suruy, head of the Canine Unit of the Volunteer Firefighters, noted that in that tragedy, the work of the dogs was instrumental in saving several lives.

El trabajo de la Unidad Canina de la Patrulla de Rescate de los Bomberos Voluntarios es fundamental para salvar vidas. (Foto Prensa Libre: Víctor Chamalé) The work of the Canine Unit of the Rescue squad of Volunteer Firefighters is vital to saving lives. (Photo Prensa Libre: Victor Chamalé)

He added that at present have seven active dogs and three in training, in the training school in San Cristóbal, Mixco.

In addition, he noted that the program has been extended, so that in Zacapa already has two dogs and in Retalhuleu strengthening the work of that unit, since for the strategy to have an extension of a Rescue squad in that place.

Suruy added that the work of the canine unit has been key in disasters such as the earthquakes of San Marcos and the Chambray 2.

Recently that drive rescue lost one of its elements, Rex, which died from natural causes.


In Guatemala, several people with visual problems are mobilized with the assistance of guide dogs, which are usually brought from other countries, like the united States, as these require a special training to ensure the safety of those who use them.

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