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Amor de madre: esta adorable pata mantuvo a salvo a una pequeña zarigüeya en problemas

A resident of Adelaide, Australia, recently had a little surprise when checking out the small house of his leg where it lays its eggs.


“It was a surprise when it reached to see below the great mother and felt something furry!”. The Rescuers of the Fauna of South Australia (FRSA) wrote on Facebook. The leg seemed quite protective of the small invader: a small opossum who lost her mother. The small Daisy had been kept warm all night by the leg that he had to the orphan hidden under his wing.

Maybe the leg she could feel the small opossum, that only weighed 12 ounces (0.75 lbs), I needed help. “Alone in a big world of fear, the little Daisy, the opossum, was looking for a place warm and safe to hide,” wrote FRSA. “Clearly found the right place when they stumbled upon a box of nesting and crawled toward the paw. Instead of chasing after the orphan, the leg decided to not only accept it, but did everything possible to keep it warm and comfortable.”


The man knew, however, that in the long term it would be better to give to Daisy to people who know how to raise opossums orphaned, so I put it in contact with the FRSA for assistance. Daisy will be taken there until they can be released back into the wild.


Daisy now has a warm place to sleep and plenty of food in the rescue centre, even has a new friend. Daisy recently joined with a small zarigüeyo almost your age who will be his adopted brother and as a couple grow and become stronger.


But the rescuers know that it is important to give credit where credit is due: “we Believe that the paw did a great job”. “Paw, with a lot of attention and praise our rescuers, continued with their daily affairs after he delivered to his young, adopted in safe hands”.

To help FRSA to take care of Daisy, and all of your other animals, you can make a donation.

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