An appointment with the best dogs of Latin America –

Six hundred dogs, faithful representatives of the standard of their respective race, are gathered in Bogota, in a new edition of the International Circuit of Bogotá CIB 2017.

From Friday until Sunday, will be held exhibitions and judging, by five international judges (Russia, Japan, Brazil, Slovakia and France) and a colombian, 96 different breeds.

Though 600 copies is a number quite large of enrolled, Luis Alberto Martín, president of the Asociación Club Canino Colombiano, organizer of the event, felt a decline in participation, which on other occasions has been around 800 dogs. You have two possibilities to explain this.

“The new provisions of the Code of Police on the breeds that are potentially dangerous, affected the income of individuals of some breeds, because they had some drawbacks especially with the dobermans and the terrier: bull terrier, american bull terrier, among others,” he said.

He also referred to changes of policy of some airlines for the transport of dogs, that no longer travel as accompanied baggage, but as cargo. “That increases the costs. In the first case, worth about 200 $ round trip and another 200 for the return to New York, for example. Now, by freight, are around $ 1500,” he says.

Despite these circumstances, this weekend is a good opportunity to see the best dogs in Latin America, all of them are accredited with pedigree international with more than four generations.

The winners of each category accumulate points to get the titles, pan american, Latin american, colombian and great colombian, at the end of the circuit of contests canine throughout the year.

The dogs participating in this event must have a history of ancestors champions and comply with the requirements of its breed such as size, head type, color, position of teeth, shape and size of the tail, movement and temperament, among others.

In addition, you must display a good temperament or personality, because the judges quickly detected when a dog is shy, nervous or aggressive.

It must also be properly trained for your presentation on track and the harmony between him and his handler to make a good first impression.


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