Animal abuse goes unpunished… – The Voice of the Border (press Release)

Animal abuse to go unpunished…

The cruelty to the animals should worry more to our society.

In Ensenada, the protective association of animals called “They are the reason”, alleged through her spokeswoman, Daniela García Salgado, that the Municipal Police of the port can not do anything in relation to more than 200 reports of animal abuse and nothing…is nothing.
Concerned with such impunity because there are agents, says the complainant, which does not apply a penalty for two causes: One due to “not have them delivered the ballot of infringement”, which means that for lack of these documents has been left to punish with close to half a million pesos minimum to those more than 200 abusers of animals and other unknown agents, if animal abuse is punishable in the Side of Police.
Daniela is talking about people who tie their dogs for days without food, water or any attention at all; others with chain “embodied”, cases of malnutrition and extreme animals that are beaten cruelly, as in the colonies 89, Jalisco, Rainbow, Portico of the Sea and Villas, among other Ensenada, as reflected in the reports of animal cruelty captured on the C4 of the port.
But this situation of impunity is not just happening in Ensenada, but in very different parts of the State, with the exception of contadísimos cases in which, if anything, transcends that someone is linked to the process by cruelty or mistreatment towards an animal, but never -at least until now – a documented statement copy.
Look, cruelty and any type of abuse towards the animals should worry more to our society, that people who are torn garments and deals with transfer in to ask the four winds, and handing out blame why so much violence?, that reflects authentic baths of blood in homes and streets bajacalifornianas…
The reality is that they underestimate those who vejan, mistreat, maim and do all sorts of atrocities with animals can derive in the short-term in that they are protagonists of extreme violence with human beings that surround you. Or do you believe that there are people who are very good with animals, but very animal with the human?…
Make No mistake. For something the human being continues to catalogándose as the worst predator in the world, so much so that not only threatens his own existence, but also against his own and nature as the only “source” for real that may provide you with survival.
Thus it is that “cross out” those who impede by action or omission, exemplary punishment to those who treat them with cruelty to the helpless animals, many of their species in danger of extinction that we already know why, how, and when, and we just don’t do anything really forceful to prevent it… of Course, until some day touch to experience one of our animals from any cruelty is undesirable or the worst, we are victims of some madman who is on the loose.
Or do you what you think: It is guaranteed the safety of you and your loved ones talking about what is most important…in front of the savagery human? Please!…

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