Animal abuse: Subjects tortured a dog to leave it without life … – The Popular

05 March, 2017 17:00 pm.

Through the social network unveiled a new case of animal abuse. In the images it can be seen how a pair of chilean torture to death a helpless puppy. The office of the prosecutor of the city of Puerto Montt already opened a process to judge the couple.
The case was denounced by the foundation «by Hosting a Friend» in Puerto Montt, Chile. They show that despite the fact that the two persons asphyxiated, were kicked and beat the dog, this never had any intention of attacking their attackers.

Were the security cameras of a business that captured the terrible moment. In addition, the employees in the realization of what happened, called the police immediately arrived to the place too late, because they were not able to save the animal.

Before this, Paula Jorquera, president of the organization for the protection of animals, indicated that the venom and coldness with which acted the killers does presume that it would not be the first time you perform a crime similar.

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