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Gustavo Eliazaincin, Director of the IMUSA spoke with MisionesCuatro on the ordinance passed to regulate the responsible care of pets. Assured that you will be able to file a criminal case against owners irresponsible, among other interventions.

Animal abuse: there will be a register of offenders - Missions Four 1

POSADAS. The last week entered into force, the municipal ordinance N° 11 “Responsible Care of Animals” which has as its purpose “the thorough observation of the set of specific measures consistent attempt to bring to the animal population an adequate provision of food, shelter, containment, health-care and good treatment throughout life, avoiding the risk that could be generated as potential perpetrators or transmitters of diseases to the human community or the environment in general”.

In the event that it finds that an animal is a victim of abuse and acts of cruelty, the Municipal Institute of Animal Health (IMUSA) will make the corresponding complaint, by providing the Criminal Court of all the history and documentation of the deeds in his power to make the legal action take course.

Also, in the case of a check for a dog to escape and bite down for the first time, there will be a warning to the owner. In the event that that action will repeat, it is fined with 50 units of tax, and, if the dog comes back to bite a person outside of your home, the owner of the animal shall be condemned criminally.

In addition, such regulation provides a registry where people that feed usually to animals on the street enroll in a “responsible volunteer”.

Another of the articles provides that the Associations of Protective Animals to enroll in a registry to have a knowledge of the functioning of those entities where house temporarily to the abandoned pets.

The aim is that these sites have the minimum conditions of care for the animals to have a stay optimal. In this sense, the IMUSA will be the entity that perform the inspections. It is mandatory that walks with canes of extreme strength of the jaw by the public, such as Rottweiler, Pitbull, German Shepherd, among others, either with a strap and a yellow ribbon around the neck, to the purposes that people avoid approaching the same.

The manager of the area, Gustavo Elizaincin urged the society to “comply with this ordinance with the aim of avoiding accidents, bites and transmission of zoonotic diseases, as well as care of hygiene in public spaces”.

In dialogue with MisionesCuatro, the veterinary doctor said that was put in operation and be able to monitor the complaints for animal abuse; dog bites from dogs on the loose; there will be a registry of offenders, among other measures stipulated in the standard.

For any query you can contact to 4459012, or get close to the facilities of the IMUSA located in Base Zaimán Route 12 Km 5 ½ of 7 to 19.


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