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Some days ago, sparked a stir on social networks after be released a video showing several men castrating a labrador color chocolate with a knife, which was tied to a tree, while the animal screams of pain.

The recording generated a backlash among the population and triggered reactions on the part of dozens of animal protectors who presented their complaints to the Prosecutor, adding 10 for the same case and even called for a national march against animal abuse in Colombia.

A few hours after the unveiled the event, the colombian authorities claimed to have identified the perpetrators and be on your quest to be prosecuted for the offence of animal cruelty, which could lead them to spend up to 36 years in prison.

We fully agree with what is pointed out by the protective colombian, castrating an animal without anesthesia is a barbaric act that should be prosecuted as a crime of cruelty against animals.

In Mexico, all male pigs that are bred for consumption are castrated without anesthesia. All. We’re talking about millions of pigs a year and there is no way that whoever is committing these atrocities can be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

Remember that pigs have as much capacity to feel pain as dogs. Unfortunately do not have the same sympathy between humans.

As in previous collaborations had pointed out that if someone did what they do to animals in industrial farming to a dog or a cat, I would end up in prison and unleash marches against animal abuse. And so it happened.

An act against a dog that is intolerable for thousands of people is totally standard for any pig, without a single complaint for animal cruelty and the streets are empty of protesters against animal abuse.

This probably happens because we have built a high wall and opaque which hides from us the process of the meat. The only thing that we see is the aseptic tray in the supermarket. Everything else they do for us. Industrial farming is the executioner that makes us the dirty work. The farms and slaughterhouses don’t have glass walls for good reason: what happens inside is hell on earth.

The difference between chickens, pigs or cows and our dogs and cats is only in our heads. By far as they are concerned, all, without exception, want to live their lives without being abused.

Something round in the heads of more people each time. Many are starting to ask questions. The videos of research within the meat industry are seen by millions around the world. The awareness grows.

The high walls of industrial farms and slaughterhouses, they begin to crack. The overwhelming majority of the society is declared against animal abuse, and gradually, the industrial farms and slaughterhouses are openly criticized. It is normal: it is in our human values to say no to what happens there. We are better than industrial farming.

It is for this reason that Animal Equality is working to change the mexican laws and that nationally is considered within the crime of animal cruelty to farm animals.

If you are interested in joining this initiative you can sign the petition and if you want to know the usual practices in industrial farming, you can access to make a trip in virtual reality in the life of a pig.


Animal equality: The dogs feel it; the pigs, too | The ... - CronicaJalisco 1 Print

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