Animal protectors call for closure of zoo Santa Cruz … – The Reason (Bolivia)

The regional representative of the Society for the protection of Animals (Soprama), Sandro, Fernández, said that this entity will ask for the closure of the Municipal Zoo of Santa Cruz after the attack from a jaguar to a sloth, in its sole discretion reveals serious deficiencies in the safety issue.

«The zoo should be closed, have to be transferred the animals to a biopark where they can develop according to their nature. The Zoo is unconstitutional, because article 33 states that every living being has the right to a healthy environment and to develop according to their nature,» he told journalists.

A video that circulated on social networks showing how a jaguar attacked a sloth, climbed the cage the cat, and had to be rescued by a group of visitors, who beat him with sticks, without having any official of a specialized zoo of Santa Cruz.

For their part, the administrators of the Municipal Zoo acknowledged that although they have people specialized, request the increase of staff, for a more effective control in the park, which is stop thousands of tourists come to Santa Cruz.

The activists questioned the educational role of the zoo, because «it is not normal for it to show the children animals held in confined spaces and without the function according to its own nature.»

Soprama suggests that active project of the Governorship of the installation of a bio-park in a special area built in the town of Abapó.



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