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The co-ordinator for the Abolition of the trick riding in Uruguay made the complaint to the Commission of Animal Welfare of the Ministry of Livestock death in the Meadow of the horse that suffered a trauma with spinal cord compression at the cervical level.

Those participating in the trick riding have another vision. Ensure that the horse does not suffer. They say that corcovea because that is their craft and their skill. They are animals that could not be tame and bookings for these competitions.

The animal protectors think that the space for reflection, which promotes the Municipality is positive. Claim that what is crucial is that it will remove the economic support: in the past year, the Intendencia of Montevideo has allocated 14 million pesos to the entire activity of the week in the Prado.

From the point of view of the tropilleros, it is not possible to think about stopping the trick riding. They argue that the death of a pet is a painful time after the effort to raise the horse and preserve the genetics.

For Sunday, we convened at a concentration at three in the afternoon in front of the entrance to the Prado, by Lucas Obes. They are going to insist on the claim that the City stop supporting the activity.

The trick riding are confirmed for this whole week, but what will happen in the future is not yet known: Montevideo is just one of the many places in the country where they perform these skills.

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