Animal Welfare act facing civil society and the mep local – Alternative.MX In a press conference, some civil associations, activists, doctors, vets, clubs, and alliances, rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, endorsed his rejection of the Animal Welfare Act that drives the mp local pan, Daesy Hinojosa Roses, because that point is an initiative doesn’t work, so they asked to stop the repeal of the current law.

In this sense, has indicated that it will request a new table of dialogue to explain the disagreements, but they demanded a stop to the lack of transparency, and a high to the tables of dialogue manipulated , as they relate to the current law contains the necessary elements to ensure animal welfare, looking at all the species of the genus.

In this sense, they explained that they have complaints timely in the subject of restrictions to apply only to dogs and cats, in terms of forced sterilization and on the payment of fees by the veterinary medical to exercise the profession, so that they will seek to know the real project of this law.

For its part, the legislator defended the initiative Law on Protection and Animal Welfare, since it pointed to and counted with the participation of organizations, shelters, veterinarians, trainers, and even the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ), so that he regretted these statements of the non-conforming since they have not presented concrete proposals on their claims.

“The protesters, whose opinion respect, they have stated that they have not taken into account in the topic or in the works. However, it is with them with whom he had more dialogue; no one will have had more meetings, even for several hours. These meetings have been on the following dates: September 28, 2016 October 5, 2016, 19 October 2016, 10 November 2016, 28 November 2016, and February 20, 2017. In each of these meetings they have been listened to with attention and they have been repeatedly asked to provide us with proposals and specific comments that allow us to analyze in a broader way to your point of view. However, they have not made such proposals in writing in a timely manner, pointing out the items and specific aspects of the proposal to your consideration are deficient. Unfortunately, they themselves have refused to cooperate despite the fact that they have provided spaces and opportunities to do so”

To finish, he noted that it will continue opening spaces of dialogue as it has been working, in order to generate consensus and a complete project.

It is worth mentioning that among the protesters are, Alliance for the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Wildlife and Urban A. C., Qariño animal BC, Kikas Life A. C. Casa Hogar Canine, Education Canine in Herd A. C., Club Canófilo of San Juan del Rio, Qro., Club Canófilo Corregidor A. C., Urban Mushing Querétaro BC, Cat Club of Querétaro, A. C., Mexican Association of Cats A. C., Adoptions Queretanas, to mention a few.

Animal Welfare act facing civil society and the mep local - Alternative.MX 1

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