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Author: Miriam Zirdok Date: 2017-10-04

The past September 20, the police authorities of the City of Mexico together with the Brigade Surveillance Animal rescued more than 50 rabbits and about 15 mice that were trapped in a lab that has collapsed in the building 282 of the calle Puebla in colonia Roma, where did cosmetic testing on animals.

The collapse of the laboratory with reason social Center Control and Development Biopharmaceutical SA (CENCON) left victims to rabbits and mice, and claimed the lives of 12 people.

This laboratory, which did cosmetic testing on animals, the left somewhat irritated because they had shaved off the spine with a few marks on it, some had foot injuries such as fractures, probably due to the collapse of the building, so that this rescue was not only the earthquake, but the uses they made of them.

What remained of the lab CENCON was closed to all those volunteers who tried to help after the earthquake, as there were in the enclosure, toxic and hazardous substances.

The staff of the Mexican Army, the Navy, the Secretariat of Public Security and Civil Protection is responsible for the removal of debris carefully.

The animals were rescued last September 20, the government of Mexico City was approached by means of a call channeled to the association Protectors of Fauna and Flora SLADY B.C., who collected the animals in the place of the facts.

The mice were given to other association for the protection of animals, while rabbits remained and settled with SLADY.

Rabbits rescued have lesions in the spine due to the testing they were doing with them.

Photo: Protectors of Fauna and Flora SLADY, BC

The association Protectors of Fauna and Flora SLADY BC is a non-governmental organization that provides protection without profit to different species of animals, among them ducks, rabbits and pigeons.

Its founders Sandra, Araceli Leticia and Yucupicio, are responsible for the care of the animals that live in the hostel along with a group of volunteers. Currently the organization is following different protocols of sanitation for safeguarding the welfare of animals, including quarantine, sterilization, veterinary care, administration of medications if necessary, and checking that all legal papers are correct, between these, that the rabbits do not suffer from diseases, although some veterinarians have already reviewed and reported that are in a good state of health, citing as their psychological well-being is stable.

A new life

According to their caregivers, the rabbits adapted quickly to their new home. Currently the rabbits live in a facility improvised, but the institution together with volunteers and people who support with donations, you are already conditioning the space, the environment and the context for these animals to return to having a normal life.

The association is in search of more cages, because even though you have several still needed to protect all of the rabbits, and for sterilization.

“It is amazing how the help free the animal out your animal instinct, the rabbits have tried to make a burrow to live in freedom,” said Araceli Yucupicio, one of the founders of the association, in an interview.

The hostel of the association seeks to give them a life of freedom to these rabbits.

Photo: Protectors of Fauna and Flora SLADY, BC

The objective of the association is that the animals to keep their freedom, that they can have the opportunity of a better life “What we want to achieve is to make up for the abuse that they suffered when you test cosmetics on them, and raise the awareness of people that an eye pencil or a lipstick that has been tested on animals may be the pain of these, or take them to the death,” said Araceli.

The long-term plan of the association is to obtain a space that is a sanctuary if there is the possibility, within the Ecological Park Santa Ursula-Arlington, in the City of Mexico or in any place where there are empty spaces for the animals to be free, but at the same time they receive care, giving these animals the opportunity to live free and with a better quality of life.

The association has a saying “If the animal fits it stays, if it does not adapt is going to another place in which they feel most comfortable,” because a lot of times does not fit with the herds, or is attacked; only in such cases, the animals are given for adoption or are looking for a safe space in which to take care of them properly, but generally, all the animals live in the hostel in a natural way.

Bunnies happy and free

In an interview, Araceli Yucupicio, one of the founders of the association talked to are excited about the behavior of rabbits and how they reacted: “The next day of their arrival, the rabbits were already adapting to the place, taking the sun and eating grass, they were tucked under the bushes, they ran, came out his natural instinct, was a recovery of the night to the morning”.

Between laughs, he added that the first time that the bunnies saw the rain was a unique experience “were dipping and they were happy, not wanted to protect, were experiencing the rain”.

Araceli told how many associations have been generous, because the case was widely disseminated on the Internet. Doctors, hospitals, veterinarians and specialists in wildlife have supported this cause by providing animal medical care and surgeries, in addition to a lot of food donated by individuals interested in helping these animals..

How can you help?

Still need a lot of help and if you find yourself in Mexico City, you can join this cause.

In the case of the rabbits who are in any medical treatment, the association needs diapers to put them in cages on top of the sawdust, so that they are on a soft surface and is not wet; food for rabbits, houses, cages or carriers to keep.

They also open the invitation to any architect to create a warm home for the rabbits while they are in quarantine; a good arrangement of the installation is just the beginning of this noble cause.

Rabbits are one of the animals most commonly used for laboratories and cosmetic companies for testing.

Photo: Protectors of Fauna and Flora SLADY, BC

If you want to help or donate you can find this institution in Facebook as: Protectors of Fauna And Flora SLADY, BC

You can also bring a donation in kind, the association shall be located in the interior of the Park Santa Ursula Arlington in Coyoacán, in Mexico City with a schedule of Monday to Sunday, from 6:00 to 18:00 hours; however, due to the activities that are developing charge of the association published on its page in Facebook the hours to receive the donations.

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