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The protective association of animals “Huellitas” made a call to the city Hall of cordoba, particularly to the owner of the co-Ordination of Health, Alfredo Adame Polished, to give a detailed report of the conditions in which it operates the now Center anti-rabies in Cordoba, and former shelter dogs and cats the association.
To nine months that the city Council take charge of the hostel, it is not known exactly in which conditions they are the dogs and cats housed, especially, if they are following the treatments that had when you “Huellitas” ran the place.
“How they are working, what they are doing, especially because the dogs that are there were rescued from the streets by Huellitas,” said Guillermo Andrade Díaz, president of the protective association of animals in charge of managing, until last year the current Central anti-rabies in Cordoba.
Andrade Diaz explained, that some other associations of protective animals have come to see how is working the hostel and confirm that they are really attending to the dogs and cats, however, all have received negative on the part of the managers of the hostel.
“We by the process that is being followed, of a legal type, we cannot enter, but we have friends in other associations and have been telling us they have wanted to enter, but not leave them, forbid them the access to various pretexts, then we do not know what happens for sure in there,” he said.
About Dulce María Llarena Illescas, treasurer of the “Huellitas” he explained, which previously had housed two dogs for the blind, of those who do not know where they are, this without forgetting the two dogs that were in the legal process for animal abuse and whose trace is not found within the hostel.
“Where are the other dogs, we had two puppies cieguitos and do not know where they are, there are also two dogs that carry a legal process and the Prosecutor’s office are the records, but we do not know where are those dogs,” he said and urged the authorities to provide a detailed report and evidence of the situation of the dogs housed.

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