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The Commission on Responsible ownership and Animal Welfare (Cotryba) lost one of its representatives.

The National Association of Animal Protection (ANPA) resolved to withdraw its delegate Miguel Píriz due to disagreements with the work they have been carrying forward this organism that depends on the Ministry of Livestock. Among other things, does not share the official policy on the patent for dogs, which require to be removed.

Píriz said yesterday to The Country during 2016, the Commission of Zoonosis sold 117.000 patent to $ 490, a figure much lower compared to the past.

“In the year 2004 were sold for 350,000 patents. Each time there is less uruguayans who are willing to pay for the patent. The president of the Republic shall repeal,” said the representative of ANPA.

To finance the Cotryba, the law says that the Commission of Zoonosis will be able to volcarle up to 40% of the collection of the patent.

“It says ‘may’ and not ‘must’. Last year, Zoonoses nothing happened, it is an internal problem between Cotryba and Zoonoses”, held Píriz.

Are unprotected.

“Since the creation of the Cotryba January 1, 2016, the animals are more unprotected than ever,” said Píriz. “Is ‘ruled’ the dog races, instead of banning them. Nothing was done to protect the equine’s work. Not about the fighting of dogs. Nothing was done to control the dog population, and since we 1.500.000 dogs”, he added.

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