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Sentient means to be conscious and feel emotions such as pleasure and pain, by which we can survive in a world full of sensations. There is sufficient scientific evidence to demonstrate that emotions have a great importance among the sentient beings who experience pain, anxiety, physical and psychological suffering when they are captives or without food, for physical limitations or situations of suffering.

The recognition of rights for animals, sentient has followed a long road that dates back to the NINETEENTH century, when appeared the first societies. In 1822 the British Parliament passed the first law against animal abuse. Thereafter, the complaint illustrated against the cruelty has not stopped to point at the animals. From the classic text of social reformer Henry Salt, titled: Animal Rights, 1892, up to the reflections of contemporary bioethics, reflected in the work of philosopher Tom Regan: In Defense of the Rights of Animals, , 2004, it is no coincidence that the recognition of their rights will result from a conviction of ethics shared by the company.

Our civic culture is evolving, no doubt about that. We have crossed the three trails that lead, in democratic political systems, the establishment of the rights of non-human animals: the debate over whether they are bearers of interests that can be recognised as rights; the creation of a broad social consensus around the values that hold such rights; and its incorporation in the legal regulations.

In this regard, a group of deputies of the Constituent Assembly, among which stands out Elena Chavez, pugnamos to establish in the Constitution of the CDMX in its article 13. City Living space, subsection B. the Protection of Animals, as follows: “1. This Constitution recognizes animals as sentient beings and, therefore, should receive decent treatment. In the City of Mexico every person has an ethical duty and legal obligation to respect the life and integrity of the animals; these, by their nature, are subjects of moral consideration. Its protection is a common responsibility. 2. The authorities of the City shall ensure the protection, well-being, as well as the fair treatment and respectful to the animals and encourage a culture of care and responsible stewardship. Also, carry out actions for the care of animals in neglect. 3. The law shall determine: a) measures for The protection of animals in public shows, as well as in other activities, according to their nature, characteristics and links with the person; (b) The conduct prohibited in order to protect the animals and the sanctions applicable for acts of ill-treatment and cruelty; (c) The basis for promoting conservation, as well as to prevent and avoid abuse in the rearing and use of animals for human consumption; (d) the necessary measures to address the control of pests and health risks, and e) The facilities for those who seek to give shelter and protection to animals in a state of abandonment”. As evidence, culture, civil and democratic is in constant progress, under the consideration that the political change is, first of all, a change of mentalities.


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