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Tuxtepec, Oax.- The proliferation of dogs and pets that roam in the streets has generated a nuisance to a sector of the city, as until now nobody had cared to do something about it and avoid increasing significantly the animals in the streets, many times aggressive and risk to the citizenry.

Dr. Abel Jiménez Gómez, in charge of the leadership of the municipal health explained that stray pets have become a real problem in some colonies.

“Even the inhabitants have been reported”, he admitted at the time to add that along with the health services of Oaxaca are in the planning stages with the area or the coordination of zoonoses in the state to bring to the veterinarians who support the sterilization of both dogs and cats of all that man required.

He said that they also have some strategy for the dogs that roam in the colonies, and that supposedly do not have an owner to be able to sterilize and through time do not play these animals.

He explained that after being sterilized, aim to have a meeting with organizations that protect animals to reach agreements on what to do with them, especially respecting the procedures that must be made about the animals found in the street.

He explained that planning strategies with an organization for the protection of animals of the city with whom to work in a coordinated manner.

“We already had a rapprochement with the organization Nose Wet to go tweaking the theme and not incur a fault within the international agreements of protection to the animals as it is written,” he said.

With regard to there is a possibility of installing a municipal kennel, the doctor explained that they would have to set up as a project to be validated by the corresponding areas.

“The municipal kennel has a considerable responsibility not just of the authorities but of the whole society in general that they have to participate”, he emphasized.

He proposed that through the sterilization canine have to go to controlling dogs on the street, as well as to promote the rescue and to take responsibility for these animals.

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