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July 16, 2017 – 01:25 Jorge Yovanovich, owner of Servián, the circus.

Jorge Yovanovich is the great-grandson of circus performers. He grew up performing with his family and about 25 years ago decided to separate to do their own show. He was a clown, a tightrope walker, nanosat knives and a coach, when he still travelled with animals.
In dialogue with The chief Captain, told how he was changing his life as he transformed his company.

How began this story?

I was born in a dace in Lules, in Tucumán. We were on tour and there I gave birth to my mom, who is Italian on the part of their parents. The part of my father, we are the descendants of yugoslavs. My grandchildren are the fifth generation in a circus. It is something of a lifetime. I loved him and I still love. Always I thank God and the Virgin for all the nice things it gives me: work, capital, a nice family, grandchildren, and health.
Are all incorporated in the circus. All work and worries, even their grandchildren. Are all beautiful things that one has to be grateful. All are fighting for the show, the clothes, the makeup…
My son is with the representation and the sound. My son-in-law is in the armed and disarmed. I have two foremen and a few eighty people. It is a life that I am calm and satisfied. I also work at the pair of them. I was a clown, a tightrope walker, nanosat knives, working with the animals and with the boxing kangaroo, which must agree on a lot of great people.
We made a friendship very large with Flavio Mendoza. So did the current show. Last year we had almost three months working with us in Santa Fe, Parana, Santiago del Estero and La Rioja. After is was because he started with his show, “Mahatma”.
It is also a small copy of the Cirque du Soleil. Before we had lions, tigers, bears and monkeys. One had the animals because she was born and that kid with that. Then, we followed because he had success.

In what year changed that?

People were psyched, and accustomed to see circuses with animals. We arrived to a city and people always had three questions: if we were animals, if we had trapeze artists and what were the clowns.
The Cirque du Soleil was changing the mentality of the people with this style of entertainment. The Municipality gave us permission to have animals but renegábamos with the protective. Until they were banned in the whole of Argentina circuses with animals. It was in 2010.
There is formed this type of show. Now people come and ask if we have animals. If we say no, we say: “I’m going to come in.” Changed everything. Now everything is modernized and here we are, selling joy, and gathering to the family, which is what we do.

How is life in community in a circus?

The main thing is to have respect. The axis we are my lady and me. There are still my children. We love and we respect. We are partners with the people, and give them work. We teach them what life is, not only the life of the circus, but the life. We can do nothing. The worms are going to eat them all. We have to try to give something.
There is nothing difficult. Is carry backpack. Every time that we break the circus we have to organize the boxes and trucks. We work thinking in the day and the hour in which we are going to re-debut.

How they lived before the mobile homes they have now?

Before I was living in a dace of three-by-three, after I bought a trailer and everything was changing. I invested everything in the circus. The trucks, the tent and the show cost a lot of money. My children went to school but they chose the circus. I’m calm because I know that, when it is not, they are going to bring and are going to try to be united. The union makes the force.
My blood is circus. The capital I did it with my children. I was born on tour, as all the life there were my grandparents and great-grandparents.
When my father was separated from his father, he got no job. With my brother we were going to Polish or to sell fruit to keep us, until we started to go out to work together in classrooms and schools for pennies.
I did two or three numbers, my sister and my mother also. Then my dad made his tent and began with the circus Australian, which was very big.
To the 40 years history repeats and I detach too of my parents. There tore. First was the Circus Servián, after we Brothers Servián and with Flavio Mendoza, we Servián, the Circus.

Can you imagine another life?

I’m going to my home in San Juan, with my lady, and I can stand two days. If we are with the whole family, I can be one or two months.
What I want is to present a nice circus, with amenities and a good show. In Santa Fe we stayed three months and a week. In Paraná, six weeks. It is a feeling of great pride. In Salta we will be there until August and then we are going to Jujuy.

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