Anyone who mistreats animals is a murderer in power – Periodic Socket

Saltillo, Coah.- With the creation of the office of the Prosecutor Specialized in Investigation of Crimes against the Life, Integrity and Dignity of the Animals, it will make truly effective reforms in law aimed at animal protection.

Haydee Diocelyn Otero Perez, spokeswoman for the Foundation Louigy –association for the protection of animals-, he stressed that now it will be easier to report crimes of animal abuse, and require compliance with laws on the matter, because the person who harms an animal can move the violence to another person, even kill her.

“We’re very happy because Coahuila is very advanced in this topic of animal protection; there are laws that you are not allowed to sell animals on the street, bullfighting is also prohibited, even there are sanctions against people who commit crimes –animal abuse-, but it lacked that extra, to meet up to 100%”.

“If the government already did its job, now we as citizens have to denounce that kind of stuff and the Office us is going to help because before you could see that he committed a crime and it was very hard that the police or the Public Ministry will make the case”.

Now, the new special Prosecutor in the Investigation of Crimes against the Life, Integrity and Dignity of the Animals, is responsible to prevent, investigate and punish the violations of the rights of the animals, with the support of ministries of public commissioners in each delegation of the PGJE.

“A person who mistreats animals, it may be a killer in power”, he said; in the same way can be a offender in power.

“If we foster the culture of caring for and protecting the animals, we will be responsible people and good… if there are no penalties someone is going to keep killing animals or making them other things and is going to replicate, and that is what we want to avoid,” he said.

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