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The Protective Association of Animals (Apani) publicly warned yesterday morning by the lack of response from the municipality capital, before the claim made by the landfill that was built on the road that goes to the premises of the entity that is in charge of the shelter dogs in Santa Rosa.
The place is located in the direction of the local landll, to meters of the NGO, in a rural area where there are branches, tires on a car -even a vehicle-disused-, clothing, and other items. Rita Soublé, the journalist and referent of Apani, complained about the state in which is located the space where it is difficult to travel waste.
“It’s a laziness on the part of the municipality, but cleaned up and back so quickly,” said Soublé on the situation and the landfill generated by the same neighbors. “Two months ago we are asking the municipality to clean the area because you can’t pass up, but no response. Nobody cares,” he added.
“Since we don’t know how to ask to listen to us. We figured that a mayor who has touted both the question environmentalist with his foundation (Alihuén) was going to have another look but these months of oblivion shows us that we are the same as before”, he pointed out to the query of this medium, which also toured the area.
From the NGO complained about the neighbors who daily litter a few metres from the place and called for the collection of fines and controls in the area to avoid this landfill. At the time, suggested that we install a gate with an employee in various shifts to exercise that control.
In Santa Rosa, the city Council last year adopted an ordinance that prohibits throwing of garbage and fine those who throw rubbish, waste or debris on the public right of way, vacant lots or farms. The fines ranging from 100 to 1,300 pesos, and in addition to the seizure of the vehicles.
At that time, the councillors of the ruling party (Frepam) warned about the existence of eighty mini-landfills in the city, ten of them growing constantly. Landfills “parallel” most size are in the neighborhood South and in the vicinity of Apani, near the landfill.




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