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From the past August 11, the streets of the area of Bombay, in India, it began to fill with stray dogs that had a strange pigmentation blue in his skin and coat.

Before the alarming scenario, the inhabitants of the area they contacted the authorities to report the situation. Immediately, they set to work and found that one of the causes of the alarming fact is that dogs are bathe in the river Kasadi, which are going to stop all the industrial wastes of an area known as Taloja.

In this area there are approximately 977 processing factories of food, chemical, pharmaceutical, among others. Which spew toxic waste into the river, among them a dye of blue coloration, the guilty to give such a tone to the dogs that drink water from the fountain and also immersed in it.

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According to the local newspaper Hindustan Times, this water source “presents levels of pollution 13 times higher than acceptable”.

Until now, they are about 11 dogs found in this situation. Which as they balando in other water sources or by water of rain have fallen little by little to the dye.

However, and as mentioned it to Arati Chauhan, director of the humane Navi Mombat to the Hindustan Times, the danger is not only for the animals, but also for the inhabitants of Bombay and the 76 thousand families who work in the area of Taloja.

By the time the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB), entity in charge of the environmental care in the region, ordered the closure of the factory Ducol Organics PVT Ltd, which was spewing industrial waste without treatment to the river, in particular a blue dye, as reported by Infobae. It is also requested to cut the water supply in the event that the industry would like to continue working, even without permission.

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